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The Zu's at 16 ohms are a little too high for the TABOO, however the 101 db sensitivity might make up for some of that. 
This is a brand new TABOO MKIII, black base, S/N #145, received Thursday, 9/5. The new lucid mode is astonishing and ground breaking - but in the end - not for me. The build quality of this piece is exceptional. It is extremely sturdy and well engineered. It works well and lives up to everything that Steve claims it will. There is no hum or other problem. This amp has a stepped attenuator and 3-pin XLR connectors at the front. I am putting this up for sale at $1,550 net to...
Re-listed due to Audiogon buyer backing out. 
TABOO MK II - ORIGINAL OWNER MANUFACTURED SEPTEMBER 2010 - SN #44 BLACK FIGURED BASE & GOLD KNOB V-CAPS HAZEN GRID MODIFICATION HEADPHONE OUTPUT WITH SPEAKER CUTOFF SWITCH TWO SETS OF VARIABLE INPUTS WITH SWITCH AND ONE FIXED INPUT This is a well seasoned unit that played in my office for about a year. The VCAPS give the unit a nice sweetness that defeats sibilance.  I sent this back to DECWARE in 2011 for a headphone jack. When it was there I had a...
I don't think the Chinese made the 6N1P-EV; this is Soviet Military production.
I have tried the TABOO with Sennheiser HD580 headphones and have done an A/B comparison with the CSP2+. I came to the conclusion that I liked the TABOO headphone jack better than the CSP2+. The TABOO is more forward, with more sparkle and verve, not that the CSP2+ was a slouch in any manner. The TABOO with headphones reminds me of the DECWARE MLB amp that I once owned. That, too was an output transformer unit that DECWARE made from 2004-2006, right before the CSP was...
If a meet is agreed on please post a topic so everybody knows about it.
Brand new TABOO with 2 switchable variable inputs, V-caps and CCE modification.
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