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"Deep cryogenic-treated 5N ultrapure solid silver conductors, air dielectrics, transparent pure PTFE Teflon isolators, discrete shielding for each pole within the array, and Ceramic MicroSphere™ Conduits, with independent power and signal cable runs."   Fantastic-sounding firewire cable in excellent shape, but no longer have firewire DAC.  Stock 1.25 m length with 6-pin Firewire connectors, MSRP $600.  Asking $320 including Paypal Fees and Shipping in CONUS.   My...
 This is one of the few times I have been pleasantly surprised by a Canon lens release, mainly due to many people calling this lens vaporware and "unicorn" for some time and due to the reasonable MSRP, which is sure to become even more reasonable in a year or two for street prices.  I will be getting one eventually
Oooohh, why couldn't it be the weekend before or after that one 
 Can you confirm the DC power requirement of 6-9V 400 mA?  I presume a decent battery PS will outperform the included wall-wart PS.
 This is exactly what I expected, but after looking at the RAW comparison photo's from DPReview, I must concede that Canon did *something* with the sensor such that 7D II RAW files look about one stop or a little less better in noise compared to 70D RAW.  In fact, 7D II RAW looks to me a bit better than the Nikon D7100 and Sony A6000!   In Canon-land, we will take any RAW improvement we can get
 Bump.  This is a great USB card that transforms hugely when powered by 5V battery supply.  Great opportunity for somebody here.. For the OP, make sure to try it with battery if you have not tried it yet before selling :)
 You modified the Acopian or built one from scratch?  It's unbelievable how much "audiophile" companies charge for their linear power supplies; same for audiophile battery power supplies, but at least you can always buy your own batteries easily and rig one up.   What kind of batteries have you tried, any Li-ion or LiFePO4 ?  I agree in general linear PS's tends to have bigger macrodynamics, especially compared to SLA batteries, but there is something about a good battery...
 "Stereo power Amplifier 4Ω 50W (drives any size speakers)" Eh, seems a bit optimistic, no? Their video showing the Sprout "driving" Infinity IRS V speakers is stunningly disingenuous as well, as they don't bother to mention that the huge woofer towers are driven by a separate 2000 watt amplfier.  Pass..  
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