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 I have the Tokina 11-16, too. Great lens..But only for crop sensor and when no flare.  The Tokina 11-16 Mk II was supposed to improve flare with the new lens coating, but reviews say it didn't work.I so wish that Sigma 8-16 was full-frame, not just crop-sensor because the new Canon 11-24 is $3000 
New Adobe Camera RAW 9.0 now features HDR and Panorama right in ACR.   Fantastic!   *Edit*   Downloaded it, and bummer!  The HDR and Panorama tools only work for PS CC (subscription) not PS CS (me). Adobe sure knows how to rub it in to those who refuse to be slave to their subscription model 
I have the version II.  Still, the Sigma 70 is sharper, insanely sharp.  Yeah, the new 5Ds/r and likely 5D IV are not exactly going to excite many.  I'm pretty sure I'll skip one generation at least before replacing my 5D III.At least Canon did good with the new 11-24 mm.  THAT is an awe-inspiring accomplishment for photography..
 I had all kind of AF issues with Sigma 70 Macro and had to get rid of it.  A pity, since that lens was sharper than my Canon100L macro..
 Now THAT's what I'm talking about 
 My EE Plus also was in correct phase when phase button was pressed to out of phase (red), which has been confirmed by an experienced modding outfit.  Sound is so much better with the phase light in red, and I wonder how many reviewers and customers have paid attention to this..   As far as re-wiring.... why bother?  I just keep it in red.  
Trying to take macro shots with Sony FE system, one is faced with the lack of true macro lens in FE mount and lack of FE mount macro ring flash.  Workaround with extension tubes and DIY macro lights.              
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