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Snap from phone cam.  Wish I had my camera with me for this cloud!  
 Same thing with Sony-supplied RAW converter.Just as frustrating is my Sony A7R's atrocious AF speed/accuracy in low light and slow-as-mud procedures to do most things manually, e.g. change AF focus point.  Just annoying, but I guess I'm stuck with Sony as long as there are no other small, portable full-frame options (hear me, Canon?)  Sauron  
 Interesting.  Apart from the diamond imagery, I quite enjoyed the soundtrack juxtaposed to photo :)
Well, I guess somebody has to post about the new Canon 5Ds and 5Ds R 50 MP cameras.  Not too excited myself
I'll take it.  PM sent 
 So THAT's how I ended up with both 
Sad to see the tree and 2014 go..  
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