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A bit OT, but I could not find the answer with brief googling.  Can iTunes now be set up to be bit-perfect in Windows 10?  
 I've always felt that USB-connected DAC's, when compared to their spdif input, tended to sound smoother, warmer, more "musical" but not as crisp, sparkly, and airy on top.  To avoid that USB tendency, DXIO (with linear PS) is a better bet than Breeze then?
 Canon 70-200 f/2.8 II + Canon 2X teleconverter Mk III.  
I do use the Stax SR-009 to evaluate differences made by Jplay, various power supplies, computer parts, etc, and I must say that as far as Jplay is concerned, I STRONGLY recommend using a DAC/system that can support both KS and Hibernate mode to fully experience what Jplay can do..
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