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Interesting.  I saw this in the review replies: "I’ve dealt with CAPS servers and a few modded Macs, and I generally place the better ones in the same range as the Auraliti PK90. The X100L outperforms my PK90 so I’d expect the same results comparing it to those devices. We aren’t talking massive SQ differences but it’s noticeable and worthwhile." I am currently running the CAPS v.3 Micro Zuma with SOtM usb output to a DAC.  The HDPlex linear power supply powers the Micro...
 Thanks for letting us know, but after reading the user comments on the bottom of that page, I would have to say No thanks..
 Just shows you things always look greener on the other side.  I (kind of) love my 5D III (more the L lenses actually), but I've been thinking about picking up a used/fixed D600 on eBay for those landscape urges.  However, the new D810 looks mighty tempting; Nikon really improved the AF accuracy, speed, and frame rate over D800, and even 5D III. I actually think 5D III (and most Canons) error on the side of bit much magenta/red vs. Nikon's green for skin tones.  With...
 I was very disappointed that Metabones III to IV move did not include any AF speed improvements, which IMO was THE main thing that required improvement!
 So sad I didn't get to the meet to hear this amp.Hope people realize how ridiculous it is for this DHT electrostat amp to even exist !
Amazon has $300 off deal on Fuji body+2 lens packages, e.g. Fuji X-A1 with 16-50 and 50-230 mm lens for mere $499 w free shipping.  Very nice pricing for a camera reportedly every bit as good as more expensive X-M1.
 I presume you are not married, in which case, believe you me that "getting along with the wife" is going to be the bane of your very existence once you get your own wife 
 I don't know, man.  I have both 85 1.8 and 1.2L as well as many of the lenses you have.  But there really is nothing like the 85L at f/1.2   
 Congrats.  That 16-35 f/4 IS may very well be my next lens purchase as well.  I've used the Canon 16-35 f/2.8 L as well as 17-40 f/4, but the new lens definitely is sharper and cheaper than I expected Canon to charge.   The only big consideration for me is the rumored Canon 11-24 f/2.8L, which will mate better with my 24-70, but then again, it's rumored to be $2800 
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