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 OT, but how do you like autofocus accuracy/speed on that Sigma 24-70 on 5D III?  Pic's look great here..
A friend just bought the D4s     
 Well, that's the nature of this hobby, isn't it.  EVEN if you find that magic combo, the holy grail, the guy next to you might think it's too (bright, dull, forward, recessed, etc).  Anyhow, how do you feel about SR009/BHSE vs SR007/KGSS-HV combo?  SR009 on KGSS-HV for that matter. Having purchased and returned the Sony A7R 36 MP high-MP monster, I was hoping for a Sony camera with same sensor but better/faster AF similar to Sony A6000, but this A7S with 12.2 MP threw me for a loop from the left field.  With such huge pixel size, it *should* have unheard-of dynamic range at high ISO, something even D800/A7R cannot manage at high...
 I can't say I agree, but what the heck, I removed it since maybe others feel as you do.  I *will* say that photo still speaks to me on a primal level every time I look at it.
Warning!  Not for the weak of stomach below.   *Edit*   Removed and replaced with something more colorful.      
 Which would you consider To's best works for us to try?
 Great close-ups.  They seem to be greater than 1:1 macro; were they cropped in closer or what lens are you using?
 I pretty much assumed "Oldboy" would be a given.  You can see the original Oldboy (the actor) in action in this 2013 "New World," which is as good as gangster movies come.  I really liked "Internal Affairs," but there's something extra spicy in a good Korean flick. 
 Kurosawa does have many great films, but "Ikiru (1952)" really speak to me on the most human level.  A must-view IMHO. 
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