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apologies , not getting notifications still looking
hi both, alas the pro will be over my budget i could be interested in the r2a subject to price
hi all,   as per the title, after a pair of flare iems - prefer the r2a or r2ss   Would also prefer UK based   anybody selling?   cheers
Bump, forgot about these. Not been used since original post
thank you very much for the quick and informative reply i assume there are no issue or lags with playback?
has anybody used either of the following to expand memory? if so how is the performance when playing music via either method of expansion? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Leef-microSD-microUSB-Connector-Android/dp/B00J2D7R20 or http://www.amazon.co.uk/SanDisk-64GB-Ultra-Android-Drive/dp/B00HR7J3CA would there also be such a way as to hook up with a dac/amp as well? like the oppo ha2?
Seriously tempted by the pd. With some savvy shopping can get it for a very reasonable price (in the uk)
Thanks taffy I was angling toward an android based dap (to root and add viper or similer) Nothing is about at the moment in my price range so started looking at daps around the amount i want to spend and keep looking at the PD The other alternative is to use my phone as a dedicated music source as well However, storage is only 32gb and no sd (galaxy s6)
Vey odd, browsing daps myself and just literally came to this thread to ask that very same question
Price now includes uk shipping and paypal fees, so £98 all in within the uk
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