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Anywhere to get the case for the M1, preferably uk or eu?
sorted thanks to jim, absolute pleasure to deal with
after either an oppo ha 2 (not se version) or an opus #11 prefer to deal with somebody in the uk/eu to save on larger shipping costs, vat and duty etc anything offered must be in superb conditon and full working order anybody selling?
I'll see how i find the m1 first, but knowing me i will end up getting an amp/dac combo If i went for say a opus, oppo or mojo am i correct in thinking it is this cable:
ok cheers, not mucb point in the e17k then or it wont add much to the rig oppo ha2 or mojo then???
@focalor.... thankyou anybody have experience of the m1 with fiio e17k?
Pulled the trigger Should have it friday, reading all posts about mojo pairing which sounds great (funds wont allow). I have access to a keenly priced fiio e17k, would that "enhance" the performance of the m1?? Am i correct in thinking id need this as well....
ok thanks not a deal breaker at all, assume embeded art displays when playing? when browsing by folder would it just be a text list of albums?
before i pull the trigger and buy... does the m1 browse by folder with album art ? i think all my music is in the root of an sd card, album by folder with the music inside and a jpg of album art/cover thanks
thanks for the replies it would only be used for iems and the question regarding the dac functions/usb audio out was more to satisfy curiosity more than anything
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