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As per title, Want a set of Dunu dn1000 with all the bits and bobs that come with them Must be complete, boxed, in exceptional condition and work flawlessly Pref to UK Pay by PayPal Should never have sold my pair!!! *WHY?
Hi all, After an a&k ak100 mk i or ii If mk i then prefer a modded one by rwa if poss Must be mint, fully working and ok to ship to the uk Paypal waiting
Ok, i can get a good deal on one of these in the uk, i had an f886 before and felt it could do with that little bit more I like the idea of this as it has an sd slot, plus other bits like nfc and b'tooth. I have some other sony gear (ps4, bravia tv, z2 tablet) so it will slot in nicely with those How much of a drawback is the eu volume cap? i.e. international version volume say 20 is equiv of uk version 16 for example, i.e. around a fifth better???
So i need the a15 from accessory jack and NOT one of the other models
I assume the uk version has the regular volume cap? If i were to import from accessory jack or price japan, i assume the volume cap will be swerved but will the unit have english language?
Bump... Need this gone to fund something else Curse this hobby
Hey all, Owned an arrow for a few days to see if it would add anything to my fiio x1, whilst it does add volume and a bit of soundstage its something i can do without as i only use iems with the x1 and this satisfies my needs on its own The arrow is in excellent condition, battery charges and holds charge fine. All switches work perfectly and no channel imbalance. Will come with charge cable and fiio mini to mini. I understand this is the 4g model as has bass, treble,...
Cheers all, so judging by the buttons on mine i have a 4g? Is there any way of determining whether T or N model?
Thanks for the info Any idea on the differences? N-neutral? T-tube? G-general? Just wondering as purchased one on a popular auction site and I'm not 100% certain on the model
Trying to find info on the different revisions of the arrow Which model has cross, bass, treble and gain? Each setting Has one zero or two to select? Cheers
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