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Glad you got it sorted, i spent a good few minutes (ok around 90) sorting mine last night
Hi all,I have a boxed pair of Fidue A73 IEMS for sale.These are in superb/as new condition and come with 5 sets of tips - 1 set used (bi-flange silicone) but have been cleaned thoroughly - can be included or excluded at buyers choice.Build quality is superb as is the cable quality as well, also included are a shirt clip and a little carry pouchProbably done around 30 hours on these but just not for mePrice of £57.50 GBPPostage not included in price which will be at...
if anybody has multiple disc albums ripped by dbpoweramp, this may be of use.....   after a slightly longer play with the junior, I noticed when album browsing a lot of my albums weren't showing correctly and the junior seemed to have lumped everything in album 1   I'd click on album one and within there would be all the missing songs from the missing albums - very odd   I started playing with tags and couldn't find anything initially to remove the rogue tags and...
Can you post a pic of what data/tags you have? Will possibly assist in people being able to help Are there any odd characters or symbols that you can see anywhere? Something like...l ~ # * or @ may hinder (speaking from ibasso dx50 experience) Also, how are you doing cover art and what format?
As per above, mp3 tag is your friend here
Got my junior yesterday and had a quick blast this morning, so far so good. UI seems to be quite slick & certainly easy to use. Navigation is simple and self explanatory and i felt at ease using it Scan of my sd card was quick in getting through the thousand or so flacs on there and no library, organisational or tagging issues either - having had a first release dx50 has probably helped there in keeping it all tidy!! Tried with flare r2a and suitably impressed so far,...
@heatfan12... Thanks again for the info and testing, shame it doesn't seem to work correctly as I'm tempted to give a dx50 a second go. However with my music collection as is i can't help but feel the gapless limitation will somewhat dampen the listening experience Need to update my signature, the x1 has long gone
Thanks for the feedback I assume the album (a state of trance?) Is natively produced as a gapless dj mix album? If so this is very useful as 95% of my music are gapless dj mix's Thanks again
My first issue dx50 had problems with symbols like.... @ & ! " ' If they were in the title or artist. Spent forever cleansing tags and gave up in the end
Read through a good portion of the thread now, gapless playback seems fine and resooved. Any issues regarding special characters still?
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