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Great comparison MH, this thread has become my go-to in deciding what pair of phones to go for next. Would love to see where the On1s, Mikros 90s, K545s, and T51Ps fit!
hey, thanks for your comments. Only reason I thought they were 'pseudo over-ears' is that I saw that some people on here mention that the pads sit on the edge of their ears instead of over (maybe they just have big ears!). How much difference does the material of the pad make in isolation between on/over ear headphones? Also, just FYI, the Thinksounds are on sale at $250 at the mo.
I was so close to pulling the trigger on the k545s, but something just kept urging me not to (not sure whether it was the talk of the comfort of the pads, or weak isolation). I've heard about the Thinksound On1s, and they seem like the ones the phones I'm going to get. Although more of a traditional on-ear (as opposed to the pseudo over-ear k545s), I think the fact that I'll be wearing them on the go means that isolation plays an important factor.   Still hoping to try...
Wish I could try these in the UK, but I can only find 1 retailer, and they're selling for £300 (nearly $500)!   Oh well, back to the drawing board...
Does anyone know where the K545s are made?
Thanks for that comparison grizzlybeast.   A quick (dumb) question: what does it mean if a pair of headphones are made for 'professional' use (like the Sony and Yamaha)? What different sound qualities do they have? Are they not suitable for portable use?
I'm stuck between k545 and the Beyerdynamic t51p, can anyone provide input on how to differentiate between the two?
Oh, and currently using a pair of HD25s...
Hi all,   I'm looking for a pair of closed headphones, for music that will be driven out of an iPod classic (no amp). I listen to mainly hip hop (around 60% of music collection), but don't want anything too bass-heavy. Phones will be used mainly on the go (walking round, on the train, etc). Priorities in choosing headphones are:   1. SQ 2. Comfort 3. Looks   Any help is very much appreciated. Also, if there are any phones or information I've missed out on, please...
Subscribed, looking forward to seeing more reviews of the T51p's
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