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Thanks for the response. I notice this group is divided on the bowls vs flats issue. I have to say that I like the bowls, but then I've never heard the flats.
Quote: Originally Posted by grawk Given those 3 options, you'd be crazy to go with anything other than the glite if you don't need portability. Not even close. Portable amps do some amazing things, but a well designed power supply makes all the difference. Thanks for the reply. I only need portability within the house. I actually prefer to be on the grid when possible. Anybody else?
I'm going to deviate from everyone, my favorite is Southbound. My dad used to play in a band and this was one of the songs they covered. I guess it's kinda sentimental for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Asr I'd have to dissent with elnero. I've tried RS-1 and SR325i with Gilmore Lite and AE-2. None of the 4 possible pairings worked out that well sonically. Well if you like your RS1 with flats that could be good on the Gilmore Lite, but bowls are not so good. I don't know what else to recommend but I think you should go a different way. I've never tried the flats, but I'd willing to give them a shot. If not any of...
Thanks for the reply elnero, the RCA connections was one of the advantages of the AE-2. Anyone else? I guess most people have a life and aren't at home on a Saturday.
SOLD Up for sale is a pair of RS-2's. I got these from a fellow head-fier just last week. As luck would have it, my wife also purchased a pair for me for our 10th anniversary. She was not a happy camper when the FedEx guy showed up. Oops! Anyway, these are in very nice shape except for some wear on the left button. They also have the tape mod, which I liked and may do to the new pair after burn-in. The box does show some wear. I will sell them for...
Looking for an amp that can move from room to room that synergizes best with Grados. I currently have SR325i's, RS-2's and RS-1's. I don't really need it for taking outside the house, although that could change down the road. I have a home amp but I don't always want to be tied to that listening station. I want something that can go from the kitchen to the bedroom to the home office. I would love to hear opinions from those who have experience with these amps. Thanks.
Feel It Again by Honeymoon Suite
They were on the Today Show this morning. I only caught the last half of one of the songs. They both were in fine form. I guess I need to stop by Circuit City and pick this one up.
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