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I was wondering if anyone was bringing along a turntable? I would like to give some of my vinyl a spin. I got rid of my table years ago; heavy sigh.
I'm trying to make it to the Atlanta area meet in November, it would be my first one. I would have some interest in getting together with fellow Head-Fiers a little closer to home. As you can see, I'm in K-Town as well. Go Vols!
Quote: Originally Posted by ounkchicago cardude, what source are you using with your PH3000/325i? I'm using an iMod with lossless files.
Edgar Winter White Trash I haven't heard this one in awhile, excellent disc!
Quote: Originally Posted by ounkchicago Can you describe the sound signature of your 325i + PH3000 setup in more detail? I mean, obviously I have heard it, but I would like to know how you think it compares to other setups you've heard, particularly tube setups. This is the only amp I've ever heard, so I can't compare it to anything. I went strictly on Drew's recommendation. So far I am really enjoying the combination of the 325i's and this...
Thanks. I must have missed that post, skimming through too fast I guess.
Has anyone used this with Grados yet? I have the SR325i's and RS-2's, I need a portable amp and this looks great. Thanks.
There is a pic on Moon Audio's website. I bought one of these from Drew about 3 weeks ago. So far, i really like it. But that's coming from a total newbie, so it doesn't mean much; I don't have a reference to compare it to. I'm using it with Grado SR325i's, with RS-2's on the way.
Pink Floyd Animals
HAVE: SR325i RS-1 RS-2 on the way WANT: Klipsch Custom3 HD600 AT AD900 DREAMING: ED9 PS-1
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