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Glad you were able to improve your setup. 
Fair enough, I admit I didn't read your sig so it would appear neither of us are infallible ;) I also admit I haven't listened to the HJE900 so I don't know how they sound, but people seem to think they're great value (bang for buck) and they're extremely well made. I've yet to hear/see raving of an IEM more well built, aside from the CK10/100.   Honestly though, if the plan is to use the earphones under conditions that wreck earphones, you're going to wreck your...
Don't forget your sig, grats on selling. :)
HJE900 have detachable cables.
+1 for HJE900 from what I've read, nothing but raving about it's almost unmatched build quality. Perhaps beaten only by the CK10 but that's a bit more expensive. Maybe if you turn him onto higher end headphones than his skullcandies we'll find a new member on the forum... 
Hear, hear.
The above post is my favourite post ever.   I think the UE 700 IEM is very sexy.
If you have a DAC which upconverts, it's a safe bet that it'd do a better job than your soundcard in your computer, so in that case, set Foobar to 16 and let the DAC upconvert if you want.   Since my knowledge on 24bit is limited to say the least, I did a quick search with Google and found this recently updated FAQ (took about two seconds). Also found this forum thread containing this post:     I recommend enabling "dithering" if you're using 16bit. It will somewhat limit...
Thanks very much joker, for this huge comparison! Excuse my ignorance (I "searched" the thread, haven't read it) but have you listened to the UM2 yet, and if so, where would that fit? It's what I'm planning to buy. From what I've read, it seems it's hard to go wrong with those 
I'm in AB. I have a pair of E4c but the left earphone only cuts in when you hold the cable a certain way, they work fine other than that though. Dunno if you maybe wanna try and fix them or something, frankenstein a working pair or something as long as your cable is good?   Edit: Post 1000
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