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Unfortunately I am putting mine up for sale.   Nothing wrong with the headphones. I don't like the feeling of the headphones on my ears, might be accentuated as I wear glasses.
I've only used it for 2 hours then packed it up.   They sound very good! Even compared to my ASG 1.2, but I don't like the feeling of the headphones on my ears, probably because I always use IEM.   I will do local meetup in Sydney and will ship for free in Australia. I am also happy to ship overseas. For postage cost check at and select "Overseas (Parcels)". I take cash, bank deposit and PayPal costs 3%...
I got them yesterday. I'm pretty happy atm after testing them for about an hour.   Comparing to my ASG 1.2 I would say the bass does not reach as low or with as much quantity, and the mids are better on the ASG, although I think the hph-200 has more obvious/better highs. I would say the soundstage is wider with the HPH-200.
BigDave I'd be very interested to hear pro 500 compared to the hph 200 when you receive it!
Catch of the Day in Australia is selling the Yamaha HPH-200 for $58 shipped.
This is so weird. Now Catch of the Day is having a sale for the Yamaha HPH-200. This time I didn't miss out! :D Kinda wish I could've bought the Philips L1 to compare them.
Hi nino9,   When you say the L1 bass is better you mean the impact is more? Or the quality is better? If you had to allocate numbers for bass quantity and quality what would you give? e.g an 8 vs 7. Additionally if possible, numbers for soundstage, mids, and treble between the two headphones. How do they both respond to EQ? Which would you say is better for movies and games?   Does it matter if I wear glasses? Will comfort significantly decrease?   Thanks for the...
Thanks Me x3 and Darner for both your feedback. I want a bassy open headphone as my wife is sick of shouting at me to no response when she talks me at home! Which is exactly the case when I use my ASG 1.2 at my PC. I think the bass from the ASG is good and if the HPH-200 is the same level I will be happy!   I was looking at buying the Philips X1, but it doesn't seem to a huge step up considering it's 3 times the price as I can get the HPH-200 for.   I will also look...
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