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 Yes, I saw the reviews, but I didn't see any comparisons to any basshead IEMs. Without a comparison I have no idea how bassy they are.
  Wow that would be great. Even if it doesn't mean in the next couple of days at least the review can be of help to others in the future. In the mean time is it possible to ask that person what they think? Are they a Head-Fi member? Maybe I could PM them?
Hi bassheads,   has anyone heard the TFZ Series 5 IEM? Supposedly the reviews on Head-Fi say it's for bassheads. It's currently US$60 at https://www.massdrop.com/buy/tfz-series-5-iem/ for the next few days.   Does it give a real basshead impact even if it needs to be EQ'd?   Cheers.
Basically new. Factory fitted screen protector still on. All original accessories, paperwork and packaging. Only recently realised it's been siting in my cupboard unused. I tested it and it works fine.   Pickup in Sydney. Will ship worldwide. Go to www.auspost.com.au to calculate shipping costs from Hurstville NSW 2220. Shipping weight ~400g. Please add 3.5% for PayPal.
Brand new in box. Clear colour.   Pickup in Sydney preferred. Calculate your shipping cost at www.auspost.com.au - it is shipped from 2220.   Info below from http://penonaudio.com/TTPOD-T1E-Bass TTPOD T1E T1-Enhanced Bass High Definition Dual Dynamic HiFi Inner-ear Earphone Description: More powerful and high response Based on the Balanced version T1 and make the perfect optimization which is suitable for more popular genre and large preparation tracks。IF sounds...
So what your saying is that because the E7K/E17K produces less power than the E12 the actual bass output is less than the dB by themselves show? What would be the actual dB that the E12 increases the bass by if bass increase of 10dB from the E7K/E17K stays the same? 
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