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Thanks it works!
I'm in Sydney, Australia - postcode 2220. Please contact me if you have one.
These work perfectly fine. Comes with everything originally included. Never used the otterbox, as I have my own case, so that is in new condition. I will do pickup in Hurstville, Auburn and Sydney CBD in NSW.   Go to to get shipping fees. In Australia postage is free!!   The bass response is truly legendary driven by a massive 15mm custom designed dynamic driver. The shape and fit was engineered utilizing digital human ear anthropomorphic data to...
A superbly detailed review and comparison married with professional pictures! A lot of thought went into this accounting for so many variables! I love beautiful comparisons between headphones and yours is a winner! You have done an outstanding job!!!
Unfortunately I am putting mine up for sale.   Nothing wrong with the headphones. I don't like the feeling of the headphones on my ears, might be accentuated as I wear glasses.
I've only used it for 2 hours then packed it up.   They sound very good! Even compared to my ASG 1.2, but I don't like the feeling of the headphones on my ears, probably because I always use IEM.   I will do local meetup in Sydney and will ship for free in Australia. I am also happy to ship overseas. For postage cost check at and select "Overseas (Parcels)". I take cash, bank deposit and PayPal costs 3%...
I got them yesterday. I'm pretty happy atm after testing them for about an hour.   Comparing to my ASG 1.2 I would say the bass does not reach as low or with as much quantity, and the mids are better on the ASG, although I think the hph-200 has more obvious/better highs. I would say the soundstage is wider with the HPH-200.
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