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I'm selling my Heed CanAmp in 100% condition in original box. It's flawless both in looks and working condition. Buyer pays shipping. Price at shops from 350€ to 400€
One of the two earphones arrived cracked to this buyer, something went wrong with shipping or something else....the total amount asked 70€ was for 4 items! I will refund him money for what arrived broken! Don't seems to me fair that he is asking for a total refund 70€. Any thoughts about it? Since he used the buyer/seller protection form paypal (is claiming 70€) no more reply to my messages.......... This is seems to became a scamming process.....
Sold to Lionplushie
Reserved to Lionplushie
Selling this set of Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 EB+semi rigid Case+LOD+Upgrade cable since I,m not using it any more. 100% working condition. The original cable is usable but is showing signs of age. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING! so price is 60€+shipping costs. Lod woks in all iPhone/iPod except 5th generation with new dock connector 
Since I don't use it any more (It has being in use until a few days ago), I'm selling it!The amplifier is flawless with the exception of this cracked button cover (which is replaceable for a new one at AMC support) shown in one picture!No cracking or noise pots.100% working!Buyer PAYS SHiPPING!!! A quick review http://www.hi-fiworld.co.uk/index.php/olde-worlde/308.html AMC 3025 SPECIFICATION Rated Power into 8/4 ohms 30/30W Rated THD 20-20KHz 0.05% 1kHz clipping power...
Reserved to swmkdr
Used with all accessories!   Buyer pays shipping    Specs Works with smartphones and tablets including, but not limited to, those running Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, HP WebOS, Symbian and Apple iOS. Functionality for send/end, play/pause, forward/back track varies with device manufacturers' software. Please verify that your phone or tablet supports a 3.5 mm/ 4-conductor stereo phone plug.   Frequency Response 20 Hz - 15 kHz   Accuracy...
Due to not having to much use anymore I'll sell this, 100% functional and with very good sound. It is built with the following features: - Precision resistors Tolerance: 0,1%. 0,6W - High performance edition Analog Devices AD8397 dual opamp - Gain 5x (default) - 75Ω resistor in charging circuit, it charges at 16mA. The amp case as minor scratches due to use but nothing visually important I am asking for € 65 (this already includes shipping in EU) . I also consider...
Go for Ultimate Ears TF10, they are very good for metal! Never heard drums so lively as it!
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