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  is there any information out there about this?
i've long been curious about Audio Note gear, especially the kits. while perusing their site in search of a DIY project, i came upon a headphone amp kit for the HE-6.   $2450 for the 'extreme configuration.' they also list a soon-to-be-released smaller "L1" version for $1375.         this has been a public service announcement.
  this is so true.   honestly, the self-importance that some attach to themselves and their opinions borders on the absurd.   talk about noise and distortion.  
i love the pure sensibleness of this gear, just a great blend of DIY and vintage.    
ain't consumerism grand.
so... $1000 to replace the drivers.   does that just about cover it?
using Occam's razor:   my guess is that the last tubes you inserted had an internal short. the smell could have been a screen grid resistor that got burned out when the tube shorted. the current surge that ensued may have been responsible for taking out the power lamp.   this is just speculation based on the sparse information provided, but not an uncommon scenario.   in any case, i wouldn't power it up anymore, as you could destroy more tubes and even...
he actually states that 88.2 khz is the ideal sampling rate; 96/24 is a compromise, albeit a small one necessitated by industry standards; and that anything above is a marketing gimmick, and does more harm to the signal than it does good.  
hearing something is one thing. remembering exactly what you heard a couple days, weeks or months ago is a completely different matter.   simply convincing yourself that something is true doesn't necessarily make it so. that's just pride, effing with you.  
because to err is human.   at least for most of us, that is.  
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