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I am an ex-HD60GD9EC owner who sold because it wouldn't support x64 OS. Sony X1061 sounds way better in my humble opinion.
Why would you not want to choose the triple bore JH16 over 13 if there's only $50 price difference? JH16 will surely replace the JH13.
I have feeling I will end up getting it anyway..
I am willing to give JH16 a shot if anyne can confirm it's better sounding than JH13. I am hoping for the better fit with JH16 if I get it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bolardito Ahh I'm so frustrated, the drivers of one of my JH13 monitors went loose and the sound was affected (one of the drivers is moving inside the monitor!).And worst of all they won't be back till January 3 which means I'll be without my JH13's for a month. Life is so hard. I hope they fix them without any cost, I think the guarantee is for one year? also how long is the turnaround time nowadays? Also I don't know if...
You are making everyone happy here, Craig. Your genorocity toward those who are in needs of helping hands and of course, us in the forum who are constantly hungry for your inventions. Happy holiday and God bless!
I actually applied the scratch remover and then polish coumpound. novuspolish Flitz - Flitz Polish - Liquid The end product should look like this, exactly same as the ones I got from JHA (I mean refit version with trimmed stems). It's just me..I didn't want to waste nearly two week for this. If you don't feel comfortable doing it, just send it back to JHA. I don't want people going~ oh you ruined my life with your bad advise..
Quote: Originally Posted by wsilvio I might have spoken too soon. I think I will need to send them back to have the right stem shortened. I think it is hitting the 2nd bend in my ear canal. This should be easy to fix. I'm not looking forward to it as these things sound so incredible! Even out of my iphone they sound sick! Wow! that's your 7th now? You really got some patience. I had the same issue of right stem being longer on my last refit....
I've had a time when I thought JH13 totally lacks the bass and that was when I had a serious fit issue. The magnificant bass' restored with the better fit. I am always amazed by its remarkable sub bass. This is not some cheap bloated bass but tight, quality bass. I wouldn't say mine fits perfectly because I am not completely comfortable from time to time but I didn't notice signficant change in sound when I press on it, unless I really do it hard. This is rather expected...
JH Audio should join with Whiplash to sell JH13 + TWAG combo. JH13 becomes a clearly different ear piece with TWAG in my opnion. I am afraid JH13 owners are missing out big time with its stock cable.
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