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yeah i like the sound a lot, but id prefer something a bit cheaper and with a different fit. i dont like the ultra isolating deep fit of the etys, which is a shame because they are great phones. i wish they would offer more options in terms of fit
So I've been out of the quality headphone (iem) game for awhile. I've been basically going through a lot of cheap headphones and want something that will last long and sound better. Basically I'm looking for something that will last a little longer and sound better. The most important things to me are getting a well rounded and detailed sound, basically not too cold and not too warm. I like primarily detailed electronic (highs are important there) like say Boards of...
Still available?  
Hey I'm looking for a pair of MC2s. Let me know if you have a pair and your asking price. Pictures appreciated.
Hey I'm looking for a pair of MC2s. Let me know if you have a pair and your asking price. Pictures appreciated.
I want these so bad. CK100 with less forward upper mids sounds perfect
I buy headphones for two reasons: price and portability (the second thing refers only to iems).   I could never justify $1000 on headphones for one reason: imaging. I really hope the Smyth system becomes more cheaper and more widely available, ideally in a portable format (or, more likely, something similar to the Smyth system).
Cables are a matter of faith, or they are treated that way by "believers." If you want to know, just try it for yourself since someone's else personal, subjective experience is just that and won't necessarily determine your experience   This thread has already been discussed a thousand plus times, and since it's not in sound science we cannot even go into the evidence. So it's really a waste of space here...
I think Japan has some interesting and weird pop stuff, for example "Morning Musume."   I'm not so much a fan of like Chinese or Korean stuff though. It seems like there's too much emphasis placed on just the image of the singer, like that they're cute, hot or whatever, and almost none placed on if they can actually sing or if it's interesting. We definitely have the same problem in the states though.   [quote=Lunatique] What I'm saying is that the ratio of...
I wouldn't recommend either of these phones for electronic or rap really. I would recommend the k701 if you want a detailed sound for electronica, the k701s shines there. If you want a more bassy sound, maybe you could try one of the beyers (though I'm personally not a huge fan.) The k701 is also awesome for classical, but I find it a bit sibilant there.   The hd600 is probably my favorite headphone for classical ever, I'm not a fan of the hd650 really
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