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Looking for a Sony D25/D25S/D250 PCDP. Must be in excellent condition and fully functional, preferably with a universal ac adapter/battery. Please provide pics and price, thanks.
I did watch it in highschool, however I had seen it at home several times for enjoyment.
Try using kuboTEN. I use them to buy CDs from Japan.
Early March would be great, before any assignments get handed out.
Bought a SR200 with HP1000 drivers off Dave. Great communication and a pleasure to deal with.
Quote: Originally Posted by stang Well from my understanding, the 4th gen you don't need an amp. The 5th gen works only with the cable connecting to an amp. Am I correct lol? Oh and I have the ATH-AD700, Grado SR-225 and Westone UM3X arriving soon, cant wait! The 4th gen iMod doesn't need an amp but there is no point in using it if you aren't going to use an amp. If you really want to use it without an amp, you will need an external volume control.
If you aren't going to use an amp then go with the Sony Walkman.
#303 arrived today
I currently own a 30GB 5th gen and a 60GB 4th gen colour screen.
I've owned them for almost a year and I've had no cable problems.
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