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I tried with 2 adapters I own and both work: a 10W A1357 (USA) a 12W A1401 (USA) a 5W A1265 (USA) All work successfully with the AudioQuest DragonFly DAC v1.2
Got my adapter today. Using it with Tidal HiFi and a Audioquest DragonFly v1.2 - playback is just fine. Setup as follows: iPhone 6 Plus -> Lightning USB3 CCK -> Lightning USB Cable w/USB power and AQ FireFly -> AQ NightHawk.
And another review. Very good read. Another review has hit the web.
Enjoy your new cans. Let your ears decide what is best for you. Hope you find yourself re-listening to all your favorite music as well as discover some new music with the NightHawks.
Enjoy your new headphones and have a great birthday. These are wonderful cans and a great entry into the market by Audioquest. I'm personally enjoying mine and will continue throwing all my favorite tracks and albums at them. Music is why we listen and finding a product that helps convey that feeling whether it be a concert we experienced or an old tune we listened to as a kid. So in the end enjoy the music.
Yes there should be a bit thicker cable used with these headphones. Glad to see Audioquest provided two in the packaging. And they've left the door open for other cables to be created and used with the NightHawks. Here's the photo of the two included with my purchase.
Been enjoying mine since this past Monday 7/13. Very comfy and listenable. Will keep listening and breaking them in. Great job to Audioquest and the team for their first foray into the headphone game. I'll be curious what their Beetle can do.
Something seems amiss with your DAC or it's connection. I've used mine fine with SPDIF and HiFace Two as well as AQ USB cable without problem. Be sure you're connections are solid and the playback software is using the right connection to see the DAC. Good luck.
FS: Original owner - iPhone 4 32GB AT&T (GSM) Unlocked phone.  Excellent condition.  Includes original box, packaging, USB cable, USB charger, headphones w/mic built-in and iPhone 4 Dock with line-out.  No trades please.  Buyer pays Shipping/Insurance.  PayPal only.
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