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Something seems amiss with your DAC or it's connection. I've used mine fine with SPDIF and HiFace Two as well as AQ USB cable without problem. Be sure you're connections are solid and the playback software is using the right connection to see the DAC. Good luck.
FS: Original owner - iPhone 4 32GB AT&T (GSM) Unlocked phone.  Excellent condition.  Includes original box, packaging, USB cable, USB charger, headphones w/mic built-in and iPhone 4 Dock with line-out.  No trades please.  Buyer pays Shipping/Insurance.  PayPal only.
Not sure as I have only used the 9V version.  But my understanding is anything that avoids the wallwart is a good solution.
For sale - original owner Grado RA-1 Headphone Amp 9volt DC version.  Excellent condition.  PayPal only.  Buyer pays shipping costs.  Ships via USPS Priority Mail w/insurance/delivery confirmation.  
Pending receipt of payment.
Original owner - selling these because I no longer use them.  Still have original paper box and packaging.  Includes extension cable, 1/4' adapter cable, one set of TTVJ flats on the headphones and a spare pair of TTVJ flats.  Great set of headphones needing a good home.  Serious inquiries only please.  No Trades.  Buyer pay's shipping.  PayPal only.
Item still available for sale.  Shipping within the USA only folks.  Sorry.
Adult owned, lightly used, non-smoking environment. NAD C316BEE Integrated Amplifier with remote and original packaging. Buyer pays for shipping costs. PayPal accepted.
Selling a used but pristine condition 1.5m Audioquest Diamond USB cable that was used for computer audio with a Mac mini and Rega DAC.  Retail for this unit was $695.  Asking $400 plus shipping.  Less than a year old.  Includes original box/packaging. PayPal accepted.
Hey folks, so I've had the Rega DAC for the better part of 6 months now and love it.  It's paired up with a Mac mini 2009, Audioquest Diamond USB, Rega DAC with Columbia IC's out into the analog bypass of my NAD T175/973 pre/amp output to a pair of PSB Imagine B's.  Most of my audio is 16/44 but I've collected (mostly from my DVD-Audio collection) some 24/96 files and I'm wondering if I should dabble in the waters and pick up a V-link.  I've tried the optical out cable...
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