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 While the mini-M8 is way cool, the HiFi-M8 does everything I ever wanted in a portable/transportable DAC/amp for my portable and full-size headphones.  It's so versatile, with enough power for everything but my HE-6, which I don't use mobile anyway. It's funny that when I came up with the idea for a mini-M8 and showed it to you, you had come up with the idea first and already had the mockup case built, well before I brought it up.  We can't keep up with you!
Yeah, wont sell mine!     I haven't touched my balanced Stello DA-100 and maxed WA6 in almost a year, so I decided I should sell them soon.  They are great but waiting for the WA6 to warm up when I only have 20 minutes to listen is a pain, and while fantastic with the HD600, HD800, and D7000 or HF-2, I absolutely love the DACmini with my LCD-2 and HE-560.   All I use lately in my bedroom rig is my DACmini and HiFI-M8, and I'll never give those up.  In my main rig in...
 Considering that I could put on 1st Gen Westone 3 tips then those should fit too.
I will be unboxing the latest revision of HE-560 and listening to them this Friday and this weekend, and I'll update this thread after that - I want to burn them in for at least 100 hours though.
 Well, they just made the SR-007 sound more dull, almost lifeless in comparison.  My HE-6 & HD800 dynamic phones, and HE-60 and SR-009 electrostatic phones were also preferred over the 007.  Sure, I liked the SR-007 better if I didn't compare them to any other phones, but there are 5-6 phones that just sound more exciting and alive when I would switch over to them, to the point where I wasn't using the SR-007 Mk1 very much. Not including the HE-560, the phones that I was...
 Yeah, if storage space isn't an issue AIFF is probably a better universal format for using in iTune AND other music players than ALAC.
 I haven't heard of that one, but as long as the source and amp are not cold and analytical sounding the Primo 8 should sound great.
 The user interface that make it easy search by  album, artist etc more like iTunes IS iTunes, so use MAX to convert your FLAC to ALAC?
I'm not using an EQ with mine.
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