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I've had a lot going on in life, and don't have time to come here much. I wanted to respond that with some amps the HE-560 don't disappear as well as with others, so I partially agree.  With my Eddie Current ZDT amp they work better and sound fuller than with my CEntrance DACmini for example.   And, they work better and sound fuller, more natural and "meatier" with my RSA Lightning F-35 balanced amp if I need a portable amp, rather than my HiFi-M8 or SR-71b portable.
No, sorry.
No, I just reread my post and I did not imply that, and in my summary I said the IEM soundstage was more in head and 360 degrees than the soundstage with the speakers being in front and spread out 180 degrees. Soundstage with the speakers was typically more realistic, unless a lot of mastering trickery was done to shift the sound from left to right when it should be stationary. On the other hand, many times the ES60 sounded more detailed and transparent. I put the ES60 on...
Any comments or questions? Nobody seems amazed that a $1300 custom IEM can keep up with $30,000 speakers?
I can say the ES60 are better than my Livewires, custom SE530, ES3X, UE 11 Pro, JH13Pro, ES5, JH16Pro, and tied with my JHA Roxanne only when the Roxanne are amp'd with a low output impedance amp. Out of an iPhone 6 or HM901s the ES60 win every time. See review in my sig line.They are worth the price, and may be the best bang for the buck. While the W60 are my favorite Westone universal fit IEM (having heard all but the W50 or UMpro50), the extra $300 gets you faster...
I have the first hybrid eXStatA amp that wiatrob built as a prototype, but with newer boards.  It's mention in this thread, and should have pics here (dual volume controls, XLR and RCA input, normal and pro bias jacks).   The issue is that something happened to the PSU and it was rebuilt by a member here, but then the right channel went out two weeks later.  To replace the current amp boards I bought a complete set of new stuffed hybrid boards a few years ago from another...
YES = more open sound with better air and isolation, and better bass control.
I think that is mostly correct, but the way that it drives the 300 ohm HD800 makes me think it has more than 2V/12mw of power.
 The cable was very light and disappears.  It seemed well made too.  I remember the ES60 via the AK380 and balanced cable sounding slightly better than my stock cable out of the HiFi-M8 DAC/amp fed by an iPhone 6+ with ALAC.  But without doing a side by side I can't say where the improvement was from.  I do not know who makes it and if it's available in unbalanced form.  I'd want the balanced cable anyway, and then use it with an adapter for 3.5mm single ended amps.  In my...
You should invest in the UM56 custom molded tips for universal fit IEM.  I still think if you don't have enough bass then you don't have a good seal, or the opening in the tip is being squeezed closed. Or, skip universal fit and get some custom IEM, like the ES60.
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