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They're very similar actually, in terms of being good in all those areas, but one is closed and so your wife wont complain about the noise leaking out, and you wont have to hear your box fan running during the summer at low listening volume levels.   Prior to the Denon D7000 going away I would have said that was the closed phone to consider on a budget as best bang for the buck. But D7000 didn't have quite the depth of stage and super-micro-detail of the TH900.  I could...
I think I was one of the few people that knew what was going on. You had to make some tough decisions. What I'd love to see is you innovating past the "usual" feature set, with new features similar to the Lavry DAC-11's PIC variable soundstage enhancer/compressor, or featuring Bluetooth wireless with APT-X and up-sampling the basic BT signal to 24 bit to re-clock and de-jitter the signal.
Had another surgery Friday, home and recovering now.  Mckenna and I appreciate your well wishes. We still have a long road to recovery, and continued prayers are welcome....
Still think my W3 with the newer "star" tips are fun to listen to right out of my iPhone.  Still wish it had a "mic" cable...
Jerry Harvey felt the same way about the HUGO until I introduced him to the HiFi-M8 "output impedance" switch, and after he switched it to the 3rd setting Jerry felt the HiFi-M8 was an equivalent piece of kit with the Roxanne.
The Cute Beyond was a loaner amp, so I can't make comparisons to it anymore.  The Schiit Magni that I gave my son is a very good budget amp, and I suspect it would be a little better. I have no info on the Fiio E09k.
I really can't speculate on how it "might" sound. But the stock 1/4" plug Sennheiser cable isn't that good, so I'd bet this will be at least slightly better. I didn't know Sennheiser makes a stock one with the 4 pin XLR balanced, as you posted above.
I suspect your ODAC from what I've read from other's when they compared it to my DACport.  Your O2 amp might be okay, or it might combine with the ODAC to do this. In addition to the DACport, the JH16 Pro blend really well with an iPhone 4s, iPhone 6+, HiFiMan HM-901, Pico DAC + Pico Slim, DACmini, and HiFi-M8.
Audioengine B1 is amazing for this - I am working on a review, delayed by my car accident. You must buy one if you have an SPDIF M8!
Wish I could help but I am not an expert on whether these are 100% compatible or equivalent to what comes with the amp.
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