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I had the wiring fail on the right monitor of my set (maybe related to the MMCX), so I had them reshelled into customs by InEarz and have never looked back. Will never purchase a UIEM again, especially one from Westone. Completely crap build quality.
 If those specs are correct then probably yes. Those who want to believe in the $ placebo effect will hear anything they want to hear :)
Go to Hear Toronto at Bayview and Eglinton. They have plenty of experience with CIEM impressions, $75 for a set.
 You don't need to worry about anything except output impedance. Choose an amp that has the lowest output impedance you can find, the higher the output impedance the worse BA iems will sound. All other values are practically irrelevant, roxannes (and pretty much all BA iems) are extremely sensitive and you can easily blow out your eardrums even with a weak amp. With regards to your question about jh13 vs rx, that is exactly what the rx will give you. Tune it to 1pm and you...
You have practically close to no options to get them shelled in Canada. You can try hearsmartsolutions.com, seems they are based in BC, but I can't find anybody who has any experience with them. Personally, I would send them to InEarz in Florida. There is plenty of evidence that they do a damn good job and their customer service is top notch.   As far as impressions go, you can go to any audiologist in Ontario. There are tons, just do a google search or yellow page...
DA! We should have one every quarter lol
Great meet! I had a great time and it was awesome to see both new and familiar faces again, even though I am terrible with names hehe.   My quick take aways:  Dat subpack.... I wish I still had time to play first person shooters. Bah The Sony Z7s sounded promising out of Nick's CD + Fiio source, I regret not trying them with my own music... next time The HD800 is still the most comfortable headphone I still have a soft spot for the HD650... thanks Bryan for bringing...
Fear not, I'm still coming!     
Down, will bring Westone W60 and JH roxanne custom, if people with compatible ears want to try squeezing them in, don't need much space or power. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces :)
 There are lots of high end CIEMs you are missing lol, but this hobby is never ending, you gotta narrow it down to whatever product has that killer feature that is important to you. With regards to Layla, I believe iirc that the max is a +13dB, so I would say yea it should mimic the 16s, which again iirc have a 10dB boost out of the box. Personally if I were you, I would go with the Angie, which can also go up to +10dB. It is 95% of what the Layla is for half the...
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