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Since you are obviously far more cultured than the Sony and Phillips engineers who settled that 44100 hz was enough to faithfully reproduce all audible frequencies, please describe in detail how we should go about setting up a flawless and unbiased test in which we can audibly distinguish that higher sampling rates are beneficial to digital music fidelity.
Lol you're funny.There is reliable scientific evidence that you are a liar, it's called the nyquist sampling theorem and it's scientifically proven, it can be demonstrated over and over again. I don't have to prove that you can't hear a difference, it's the other way around... And I certainly don't agree that blind tests are misinterpreted. There is nothing to misinterpret, you just listen to 2 files, one of which is supposed to sound better, and if you can't reliably...
 Bingo. Scientifically, the shortest path for line level analog signals is always better. This is why I have never owned a stand alone DAC or a stand alone amp. The two should always be integrated.
 There is no difference. Come back to me when you can pass a blind test using a "HiRes" file, and down sampled version of the "HiRes" file.
 You don't need to believe in the supernatural to enjoy this hobby.
 This is definitely not the case, there is a separate team that handles refits and repairs and they do not follow the production queue. I've gotten my refit done in 10 days (not business days) door to door, and I don't even live in the US.
It's really simple, if it's not loud enough for you, then you need an amp. Is the SE535 loud enough out of the iPhone for you? Also, if you do get an amp, remember that you should extract the signal digitally from the iPhone, DAC it, and then amp it. You should not be amping a headphone output, as then you are essentially amping an already amped analog signal, which can lead to all kinds of noise problems.
 I don't know what to tell you , I abandoned universals for this reason. Besides comfort, much of the sound is due to how the IEM sits in your ear, a proper fitting CIEM has no rivals. You can get a good seal with universal, it's just not always a sure thing. Even once you've found your ideal tips, things can change on a daily basis based on temperature, humidity, oils, and so on. Not so much with CIEMs.
 Sound may very well be subjective but people still want an objective idea of what they are buying. UM or 1964 doesn't release FR graphs, but they still give the customer an indication of what to expect with charts before they take the plunge. That is all people here are asking for, I'm sure you can do that without any fancy "regulation".
I agree with almost everything hedphonz said, he's drawn pretty accurate impressions after a surprisingly short listening time. I've had a custom Rox for 7 months now and I've put more hours into them and anyone here guaranteed (because it's my only piece of gear), and just about the only thing I disagree with is what he wrote about the sound stage. It's surely bigger on Rox than any other BA iems, but IMO it's not bigger than IE800. But that's just me. Everything else he...
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