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 I'm in the same boat as you. I kept it at 8am for many months, and this week I just changed to 12pm. The difference is really no more than + 1 to 2db centered around 50 hz. Enjoying the extra bit of thump so far. Anything north of 12pm is too much for my taste.
On a Saturday, for sure.
Good idea with the group Warren! Winter time is a great time to set up a meet, being indoors gets really boring. I work in IT, my specific trade is wireless telecom, but my degree is in distributed computing... go figure. I was born in Toronto, raised in Italy, and moved back here for higher education and work opportunity. My only listening equipment (besides speakers) is my current CIEM.
 Sir, you are being flung around by the balls. A refit should took no longer than 8-10 business days, 2 weeks door to door if you are in continental US or Canada. I had mine done in February in the midst of the storm when they likely were more swamped than they are now, and it took 4 business days to complete, 10 days door to door. You must obviously not communicate well with them... I'm not sure why you haven't spoken directly with the repairs team (repairs at...
 It doesn't really matter, instead of 41 days it would have been 46, not a big deal. Pretty much everyone has waited over 2 months so be patient. If they don't arrive by July, then you can send them an email to ask for the status. Writing mean accusations on their FB won't accomplish anything.
If what is written there is true (that you are only 41 days into waiting and that you insulted them a few weeks ago), then sorry but you are out of line. 41 business days is around 2 months, which is very much standard (and actually quite good) for a Roxanne order judging by everyone's wait. I don't think anybody got their order less than 2 months after ordering. Why are you making a fuss?
 It does exist for dynamic drivers, but not to the extent that some would have you believe, it's usually a barely perceptible change in bass. I've yet to see someone ABX two of the exact same headphones, on burned and one out of the box, and be able to consistently pick out which is which.
 I know I'm correct because I've witnessed this many times myself. Anybody who doesn't understand this concept and would rather believe in other types of burn-in is... well let's just say ignorant. After trying the HD800 the other day for a few minutes my friend said he was not blown away, and that he actually preferred his HD595 (which he's had for like 5 years). I told him he has to spend about a week with the 800 and then go back to the 595 to hear how awful they are in...
Freqphase is nothing special, if all the components are extracted from the original shell and placed into another shell making sure that the tubing is the same length, there is no reason why fp would be lost. However I really don't think anyone is reshelling Roxanne right now because the threaded connector is proprietary to JH, so it wouldn't be wise for another company to copy it.
  Start with either a mid-tier UIEM in the $3-400 range, or if you are not afraid of re-sale value, try an entry level custom in the $400 range. It will already be a huge jump from what you're currently using. Once you get used to that, then go audition the TOTL stuff again. After all this, go back to the HD205, just for laughs.   The reason is that the human brain is very easy to fool. Put a spoonful of sugar in your mouth, and then go eat a supposedly sweet piece of...
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