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 See above
 A tool every Siren Series owner should have on their keys.
 I have some experience with bad cables. My first cable started cutting out on the left side, and it turned out to be a poor connection somewhere between the jack and the bass pots. Somewhere along that line, if the cable flexed a certain way, I would lose the highs in the left monitor. This started about 18 months into using them and I use them every single day, sometimes roughly, so I chalked it up to wear and tear mixed in with poor cable construction. New cable fixed...
 The last piece in the audio chain will always make the most difference. Don't waste money on cables, amps, or sources, unless you already have the best possible IEM (subjectively of course, TOTL model is not necessarily everyone's cup of tea) and are still willing to throw money to tentatively (or confirmation bias-ly) improve it.
I am so down for this one. Pavel let me know if you need help with anything.   Charlie that sucks man, hopefully CP comes through :(
 Not really, that's not how it works at all. Hermes won't lower their $20K bag because LV came out with one that is just as good for $2K.  There are plenty of people that will still buy the Hermes bag because of the status it gives them. And sadly it works pretty much the same way in the audiophile market: actual objective sound quality often comes after status, and the feeling of certainty and removal of doubt achieved only by owning the most expensive item.
 Apples and oranges really, even price wise. But I would take the W60 in a heart beat. IMO the W60/Roxanne are only bested by the LCD-X (I'm not really a fan of the LCD-3), and sound quality only because ergonomically, it is disgusting.   Can't comment on that because unfortunately I never heard the W50
 For me, the W60's bass can be described as a guilty pleasure. You wouldn't dare have more or it would start to taint the rest of the spectrum. And while less would probably be technically more correct, you would start to miss it. Dare I say, for not being user adjustable in any way, Westone got it absolutely spot on.   Any device with OI less than 3 ohms (which is pretty much any portable device nowadays) will be fine with the Primo 8 and the W60. The same can't be said...
Thumbs up my friend. Isn't it amazing that W60 produces that sound from that small, plasticky, cheap-feeling enclosure? I'm still baffled when I look at them. It's clear to me that the Roxanne has better response at extremely high frequencies, that's where the "air" and sound stage improvement comes from. But I find that the W60 is also not as peaky between 7 and 10Khz, which can sometimes be fatiguing on the Roxanne depending on the recording. but this perception could...
 And that's the beauty of it. No matter what you throw into the W60, it's just right. It's the middle way, a perfect blend of the correct amounts of everything.
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