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Hi, I’m looking for new multimedia headphones, more precisely I’m trying to find a pair of Sony MDR-MA900 in good condition. I live in Sweden, so the seller must be willing to ship internationally. Send me a PM with an offer : ) Regards.
Sounds like a friday night : >   Really cool video!
I seems that I wasn’t quick enough to buy them :/ Ah well, scored some Sylvania JHS (Gold Branded) Gray Plates Triple Mica from the 60’s instead  ^^
Ok, thanks
Since I don’t acquire any real tube knowledge; I figured it would be rational to ask for some assistance regarding the legitimacy of the tube in the provided pictures before I spend any money. It is supposed to be a Sylvania triple mica black plate square D getter (Gold branded, 5751). No production date is supplied since it isn’t longer visible. I think it would pair well with a Mapletree amp, but is it what I suppose it to be?  
Bump. Still looking ; )
I’m looking for a good vintage tube to replace the tube which came with my amp. I’m willing to pay around 100$ (depending on the particular tube). Send me a PM and I’ll decide if it’s a tube that I want or not : )   Cheers!
Yep, the prices seem a bit over the top. I bought a well-received tube for my Havana DAC 1-2 years ago from Tubeworld and back then the prices were somewhat more justifiable. Maybe the tube-market is a bit on the dry side at the moment. I can try to find something on eBay, but as you said it isn’t as reliable. A tube in my interest may although pop up here on headfi : )
Thanks, for the advice. I really appreciate it, and it sorted out some of the tubes in the list. When I have some time off I’ll do some research regarding U vs D getter, “5 star” vs “no star” and finally the significance of cryo-treatment. I know a little about cryo-treatment in other cases, but not some much regarding tubes. Maybe, I should just e-mail Tubeworld and ask why for instance: Kuhl-Tube cryo platinum 5751 GE "5 STAR" black plates triple mica "U" is...
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