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How do you like your PS1? I always have a love/hate relationship with mine- I like the silky smooth mids but always have issues with their bass (overpowering; mid bass heavy...) which affects the overall balance. They are almost like a side step to RS1 but the market prices of these two headphones are very different!
HP2 that have been upgraded by Joe Grado.
There is a layer of  lacquer finished on top that can be scrubbed off. It is common with chrome and brass furniture. Sometimes you can strip the metal with just rubbing with Brasso.  It SHOULD NOT come off so easily though.
My SR100 is like that too- just a bit of oxidation. All the SR headphones with HP1000 drivers I have are also still shiny and silver. 
Lets start with the HP1000 drivers: HP1,2 and 3 were the first Grado headphones. The drivers were made by Primo to Grado's specs. These headphones were supposed to be studio monitors and not made for domestic use, Later on they decided to expand the market and produce something more affordable for the general public. That was the start of the Prestige series which included SR100,200 and 300. Plastic and thinner headbands etc were used as a cost cutting measure. The Primo...
    They do exist.      Here's a picture of the two versions of SR100, The one on the left has the Primo drivers; the one on the right was the "newer" version, produced after John found his own drivers.
Hi devouringone3,   Sorry to hear about your box but that has happened before. The blue foam inside the box would disintegrate after a few years. As a result, the bits and pieces would get inside the headphones. Joe believes that the boxes do more harm than good so when he receives the headphones he would keep the boxes (or throw them away) and just send back the upgraded headphones! I would probably not do that if I were him, and it is bit like his refusing to...
You included everything there. The pink drivers were not pink to start off with. I have two pairs of black 325 with John Grado drivers, One of them has pink drivers and the other pair, which was NOS, has black cheese cloth. I kept the pink pair and sent the other pair to Rhydon for a full Magnum mod (all black).  I never really like the black 325 with HP1000 drivers. They sound a bit dull to me and are really heavy.  I think 325 went downhill from that point onwards and...
The sweat from your hands would do the most damage to the red lettering, more than anything else.
Pizza box usually means the white cardboard box that come with most modern Grados. That small wooden box in the picture belongs to the very first generation vintage RS1.
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