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My 4th pair of HP1000i arrived today. Everything looks immaculate. The new pads are nice and dry too. Had a quick listen and they sounded great!  Not sure if I heard a big difference the new and regular earpads. Maybe if I spend more time on them it will be more obvious, I Don't know...       Joe's answer to all the sketches I sent him!
Thanks for the offer. I think I'll pass. 
To each his own but taped bowl mod never worked for me. In fact, I don't like bowls on any early Grado headphones up to and including the vintage RS1.
  Something you mentioned before that's worth repeating- The waiting time for the upgrade is getting longer and longer. Joe is nearly 90 and has had some health issues. It makes sense to take that into consideration before you send your phones to him. 
I don't have any stock HP1000 anymore and giving impressions based on memories is probably not the best way to go about it. I will try:  The i version are more extended at both ends and have better instruments separation. To me they don't become different headphones, just better sounding HP1000. There are not many HP1000i around. Joe actually had very little time to work on these upgrades in the last few years. He was looking after his sick wife as well as finishing off...
I had no idea that you were listening to them with bowls. Since they are meant to be used with flats, it might be a good idea to mention that in your opening post.  I am not surprised that they are bass heavy if you use taped bowls on them. Are your new pads try yet?  Anyway, happy listening.
I did listen to them side by side and it turned out to be like a contest between flats vs bowls.  The Magnum (with bowls) are very detailed and have a more forward sound than the HP1000i. The HP1000i are much less in-your-face. Both of them have good bass that I like- solid and lean. I found the Magnum a bit bright overall with the bowl pads. Changing to flats helped the mids but the bass was softened (much like tape mod on bowl which I don't like).  I'm glad that I have...
That's exactly the same as what I heard when I AB the "i" and the stock versions. The bass on the upgraded version was actually a little leaner if anything.
Thanks for the review and sorry to hear about your disappointment (reading between the lines). After reading your posts I quickly check my HP1i (upgraded a few years ago). There are none of the little mistakes ( damaged screw holes; hanging cables etc..) you mentioned. Also they sound noticeable different from the stock pair. I don't have any stock pairs anymore so can only go by my memory. I did do an AB with my HP2 at the time. Joe was using that particular pair of...
John Grado believes that you can't have forward midrange (RS1 style) and big soundstage at the same time. He went too far the other way on GS1000 in my opinion.
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