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You included everything there. The pink drivers were not pink to start off with. I have two pairs of black 325 with John Grado drivers, One of them has pink drivers and the other pair, which was NOS, has black cheese cloth. I kept the pink pair and sent the other pair to Rhydon for a full Magnum mod (all black).  I never really like the black 325 with HP1000 drivers. They sound a bit dull to me and are really heavy.  I think 325 went downhill from that point onwards and...
The sweat from your hands would do the most damage to the red lettering, more than anything else.
Pizza box usually means the white cardboard box that come with most modern Grados. That small wooden box in the picture belongs to the very first generation vintage RS1.
Possible but won't be easy- 5000m; open water swim; Triathlon; Equestrian.. What else? Boxing? Gymnastics?  Please don't say 400m hurdles. It is not going to happen.
UFC on Fox4 is amazing! There is a night and day different between this and UFC149. Great knock outs and great submission. Dana White must be laughing again.
80,000 or not, it would take a LONG TIME for someone to turn everything on and warm up! A pain. Of course I only say that because I can't afford something like that.
I thought it was the opposite(?)- Paul McCartney saying to John Lennon: I don't care and will carry on doing my thing.
For a moment I thought you were really going to balance the HP-1.
If this is high end audio, yes. 
Keep it in this thread! These watches are fantastic looking. Don't forget that Joe Grado was a watch maker.
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