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My HF-1, a production model, is not as bright as SR325i or 325is.  I don't think they are that much other better than 125 or 225. I picked up my pair for not very much when everyone was selling their HF-1 to get the HF-2.
It can happen. I know an elderly gentleman who doesn't even own a car, living alone in a tiny flat and owns a $50,000 speaker system. 
All I know is that I am happy with I have for music listening. Anything I get from this point onward will be mainly for curiosity reasons- wanting to hear what certain headphones sound like.
  Jones said he didn't want to fight sonnen on eight days' notice. He probably doesn't want to fight Machida either for the reason you stated above.
This is me getting over excited about new toys. Now I have got it out of my system, I will just pick up which ever earpads that happen to be lying around. 
You can buy the next round with the money saved. 
He did the right thing. Good to know Chael Sonnen failed to talk his way to a big payday. I would rather watch Jones vs Machida 2.
Finally got round to do some listening! As expected, the upgrade on these headphones is basically the same as what Joe has been doing in the last few years.The question is, are the new earpads really making a difference? I couldn't tell yesterday so today I decided to try again. I took out my Benchmark DAC1pre ( don't give me a hard time your purists who hate the DAC1 , that is the only amp I have with two headphone outs so I can swap them over quickly). My source is...
  My family of four HP1000i. Two of them NOS.
  I know how expensive they are over here but still get a shock when someone brings it up.  Trust me, 430 pounds ain't a bargain for these headphones.
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