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  Then maybe someone like yourself can help? 
Joe might still have some screws. The best thing to do is to ask him.
  Have you contacted Rhydon? Maybe he can do something...
I don't feel the GS1000 have the bigger soundstage either. Is that really the general consensus?
Brand new pair of Stax SR-507 bought from PriceJapan. They have never been used or plugged in. I only took them out to take pictures.   Reason for selling: I bought these headphones in the middle of moving from California to London and never had a chance to use them. I have got the O2 anyway so it is time for someone else to enjoy them.   Shipping cost:   £10.00 for UK  £20.00 for EU for regular signature delivery   Please add 3% for...
I keep the bags closed.  Also have aluminum cases with cube foam (a poor relation to the pelican case mentioned above) for each pair of HP1000.
HF-1 were sold for $300 to $400 (used) for a while. When HF-2 came out. They dropped to under $200 and not difficult to find. You rarely see them for sale now. I have no idea people are paying that much for them.
Don't forget that Hendo is also a wrestler, not just someone with a big right hand. That might play a part in the fight. Unfortunately he has got a huge disadvantage in reach and athleticism.
But Henderson will be more entertaining. 
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