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Beautiful work!
I am a fan of big country too. I have never seen a fat guy who can move so fast or has so much energy.  I don't think Vitor has much of a chance either. He needs to just go for broke and try to knock Jones out early- actually I am not even sure that is a good tactic, but it is still better than him being negative like some of the fights we saw before.
Let us know what you think. People often have different opinions about which one is better.
You have some good points there but they don't necesscarily apply to every case. People who own the headphones have the chance to try different kind of music and partnring gears with them. That is something that you won't get from listening in the shop or even in a meet. It is true that people get too attached to their own headphones but I have read many, many impressions from headphones owners that are honest and unforgiven. First impressions might not be the most...
Unbiased opinion from a Brazilian!
When I read impressions from different people on PS1000, it doesn't even sound like they are describing the same headphone.  The fans would insist that the haters are reading charts rather than listening. The haters would say that the fans like the colouration and misinterpret that as lifelike.
Hi Zanth,   There is so much wisdom in your post, not least your thoughts on speakers and headphones. I am primarily a "speaker person" and often judge headphones' performance based on how well they stack up against my speakers. What gets me hooked on some of the Grados is their ability to produce vocals and mids that rival speakers like the old Quads and say Proac Response2.5 etc.. It gets me involved with the music I listen to. That is always my goal and if I...
For sure! Thanks!
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