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I bought most of my Grados used. Some of these older ones are hard to come by these days. Since I had my HP1000 upgraded by Joe, I hardly never use the other Grados except for the black 325 with the Magnum V4 drivers- technically not a Grado anymore.
No ,  the first patch of SR325 had HP1000 drivers, the ones with new drivers came later. 
To answer your questions:   1) I have seen at least one pair of SR100 with HP1000 drivers but no red lettering. 2) I have not seen any other Grado models with red lettering other than SR100.   HP1000 drivers also show up in some early SR325, as well as SR100/200/300. The HP1000 drivers didn't get into SR series because Grado Labs ran out of never drivers. It happend BEFORE John had any other drivers other than the HP1000 ones.
There are two versions of SR100 (just like SR200)- one with HP1000 drivers; one with normal John Grado drivers.
Thanks for your interest. The item has been sold.
I am a fan of all three fighter mentioned above- Nelson, Carvin and Mark Hunt. They come to fight and always give their 100%. That is what we need- humble. honest warriors, not self-promoting big-mouths.
Not to my ears but to each his own. 
Not to mention that these would be the only HP1000 that were built by Joe himself without John's involvement. They are truely unique!   This is not to belittle John Grado. John did the listening test on all the HP1000 and he has exceptionally good ears according to Joe.
I would love to see this match up.
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