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Agreed. HPA1, 2 are much better than RA-1 to my ears.
Grado Lab is run by John Grado. Joe has nothing to do with it anymore. Pestering Grado Lab is not going to solve anything. Joe has shipped headphones overseas many times before and I don't understand why all of a sudden he is paranoid about it.  Hope this gets resolved quickly. No one should send any headphones to him now.
It is really sad to hear this. I hope things get sorted out. 
One of the best UFC events ever. It kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through. I agree that Silva is done. He would've got knocked out had it not been for the leg break. 
Sorry I meant GBP. I am not sure if you can avoid the import tax that way. You would still need to pay unless the headphones are repaired items that you sent from UK to US before (you need postal receipt to prove that). 
The import tax will be between 100 to 150 GDP ( based on my own experience!).
This is just a wild guess (since I don't own a PS500 and haven't heard a Magnum V5 )- I bet the V5 will sound different from a Grado PS500. It wouldn't be a matter of which one is better. Considering the prices of Grado in UK, modding their third most expensive models seems crazy. You will be paying over the odds for a pair of headphones and killing their resale value on the spot. Okay, I did have a full Magnum mod done on a black 325 and put V5 on a RS1i so maybe I...
I would never buy any new Grados in this country. The prices are crazy and you don't have the cheap after sale service like you would in the US. If you really have to, buy them used, or look at other brands. 
Let me see- one of the most unpopular headphones on headfi vs one of the most popular one.... You really should listen to them and trust your own ears.
Some Vintage A RS1 have black headbands too and they come with the wooden box. 
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