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A lot of the higher end headphones are open ones. The reason I even bought the 7520 was because they were closed and sealed properly. Their sound quality level is high too so they tick all the boxes for me.Sure, I have heard and own better headphones (My joe Grado phones; Stax...) but I use the 7520 a lot more.
My question is- Do your SA3000 with ZX700 drivers sounds better than the stock SA3000?
I also have ZX700, which is a poor man's 7520 with no bass. Tyll liked that very much. It really shows how subjective these opinions can be. I can go and on... Okay, just one more- Beat solo 2: My daughter has a pair. They have boomy, muddy mid bass and a congested; grainy top end. A mess to my ears really. Tyll likes them too.   This is definitely not a dig at Tyll. He is my (and lots of people's ) hero and has done more for our hobby than most people. I just want to...
If I didn't already have two pairs of these I would be interested. They are great headphones and haven't sounded very worse to me since the measurement came out.   I think we should respect what Tyll does but at the end of the day it is up to you to decide whether you like how they sound or not.
Don't know where to get them in London...
They were just rough doodles, nothing to write home about.It started off when Joe's wife Brigitte was unwell. I sent her some drawings from time to time as get-well-soon cards.May they both rest in peace.
There really is no point sending budget level Grado to GradoLab for repair even if you could. By the time you paid for shipping and packaging, you might as well buy a new pair. GradoLab has very good after sale service within US- fixed reasonable prices for different models. Overseas is a different story, God knows how these local dealer can do warranty for all their models. Don't forget that Grados are also so much more expensive to buy outside of the US. I wouldn't buy...
A meet that's close to home! Would love to attend if I'm in town at the time.
Thanks a lot! Will look it up.
Hi there,   I am looking for a short, straight cable for my 7520 (I am in UK).  Any suggestions ?   Thanks!
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