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Hi Bratec, Thanks for the offer but I have too many HP1000 already.  -Paul
I only go by what Joe told me. Can't confirm this with him now. :-(
Articles from CNET and Stereophile: Pioneering audio designer Joseph Grado passes away The Audiophiliac looks back on the long and distinguished career of this New York-based maker of speakers, turntables, headphones and more. by Steve Guttenberg     @AudiophiliacMan February 7, 2015 12:56 PM...
got the news from our good friend and fellow headfier Martin Mckenzie.    Here the facebook message from GradoLabs:  
Having the best graded drivers but with switches in the signal path- these are the pos and cons of HP-1. You take your pick. :-)  I can never tell the difference.
You can tell us more about that then. :-)
My HP-1 came in with the switches disabled already also but I am not that alone would degrade the sound quality of the headphones. The original HP-1 should in theory sound better than HP-2 because they were allocated the best drivers, but who knows....
Haha, good one. It is all personal taste. I sold my 650 cheaply after getting a pair vintage RS-1 too- and carried on listening to 'Bright side of the Moon'
Agreed. HPA1, 2 are much better than RA-1 to my ears.
Grado Lab is run by John Grado. Joe has nothing to do with it anymore. Pestering Grado Lab is not going to solve anything. Joe has shipped headphones overseas many times before and I don't understand why all of a sudden he is paranoid about it.  Hope this gets resolved quickly. No one should send any headphones to him now.
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