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A meet that's close to home! Would love to attend if I'm in town at the time.
Thanks a lot! Will look it up.
Hi there,   I am looking for a short, straight cable for my 7520 (I am in UK).  Any suggestions ?   Thanks!
I can feel the disappointment from some of the 7520 owners here ( myself included) but I do agree Tyll's comments about the upper bass.Don't agree the treble fell apart' or ' no sense of sub bass'. Then again I am not sure these comments form Tyll are entirely based on measurement or listening test? Maybe Tyll can clarify that? I still think these are great headphones and perfect for my everyday use. I have them with me all the time now- at work; on the move... Totally...
I am looking forward to that Tyll.They are now my go to headphones. In terms of sound quality, comfort, seal (not to mention the price), they are hard to beat. The 7520 are so good that I bought an extra pair soon after I got my first one. :-) 
Hi Bratec, Thanks for the offer but I have too many HP1000 already.  -Paul
I only go by what Joe told me. Can't confirm this with him now. :-(
Articles from CNET and Stereophile: Pioneering audio designer Joseph Grado passes away The Audiophiliac looks back on the long and distinguished career of this New York-based maker of speakers, turntables, headphones and more. by Steve Guttenberg     @AudiophiliacMan February 7, 2015 12:56 PM...
got the news from our good friend and fellow headfier Martin Mckenzie.    Here the facebook message from GradoLabs:  
Having the best graded drivers but with switches in the signal path- these are the pos and cons of HP-1. You take your pick. :-)  I can never tell the difference.
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