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Amplifier mount plus pins compatible with termination for Sennheiser HE-60 Baby Orpheus headphones. Can be utilized by a custom builder to place a dedicated Baby Orpheus jack on an appropriate electrostatic headphone amplifier.   SALE PENDING
Thanks, purk!
Desktop PSU added to the package
No love for HeadRoom!
Price reduced
Replied via PM.  Please keep inquiries to PM.
Will entertain offers for individual components
HeadRoom Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp aka BUDA. Very minty with low usage. The standard power supply has never been used. I am the original owner. Purchased directly from HeadRoom toward the end of the production run. Includes original box, manual, and accessories. Such an underrated amp around here!   Matching HeadRoom Desktop PSU now included in the package. Includes manual and cables.   Will consider trades for equivalent or higher cost DACs (with cash addition by me...
Pics posted.
Paradigm Atom v4 Bookshelf Speaker Pair in Black Ash for sale. In excellent condition with very low hours. Minty condition. An amazing value.   Includes original box, packaging and manual.   SOLD.  Local NYC pickup welcome. Additional feedback in my sig below. Please PM all questions.
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