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Photos added
APC H15BLK A/V H-Type Power Conditioner for sale in good condition with original box and contents.   Designed for audio and video components. Black, 120V, 12 outlets.   $175 shipped CONUS. Please PM all questions and interest. Additional feedback linked in my sig. No trades.
Cary finally moved to dedicated ad with pictures.
Cary Xciter Class A Triode Push-Pull Tube Headphone / Integrated Amplifier with Auto-Bias.  Great condition.  Functions flawlessly.  Includes full set of tubes with relatively low hours.  As well as original double box, remote control, power cord, and manual.   Not as well known as some of Cary's other amps but it's a phenomenal headphone amplifier.  And one built to drive headphones first.  Also drives speakers and has subwoofer output.  Three inputs.  Very robust,...
Bel Canto DAC2.5 DAC Controller in silver. Built-in headphone amp. Balanced and single-ended outputs. Fixed or variable output. USB, TOSLINK, (2) SPDIF, and AES/EBU inputs. Excellent condition and functions flawlessly. Includes original double box, remote control, power cord and manual. Please see pictures.   SOLD shipped CONUS Please PM all communication See additional feedback linked in my sig
AKG K 271 Studio Headphones for sale.  Also known as K271 or K271S.  Great condition, no issues.  Includes stock cable and original box.   $100 shipped CONUS. Lots of feedback here. Please PM all communication.
Pics added.  Might try to take better quality pics at some point.
HeadAmp KGSS electrostatic headphone amp in silver for sale.  Built into a half-width chassis but is otherwise identical to the standard stock KGSS.  Pretty rare on the used market and of course not in current production.  Excellent condition, functions flawlessly.  No box.   SOLD plus shipping and fees, if applicable.   Please PM all questions and/or interest.  Please do not post in the thread.   I have extensive feedback here.  Additional feedback linked in my sig...
Price dropped
130 bucks for an M1??!! Wow!
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