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How would i install distancers and how much do they usually cost? I'm a total noob at this so pics would be nice.
How would the sr80 bowls sound on the MS-1? Grado Bowl Pads - $15.00 : TTVJ, Todd The Vinyl Junkie
Quote: They suit physically, but it sounds sub zero without distancers. What is sub zero sound? Is that when the mids are killed?
Can you attach the GS-1000 pads on stock MS-1s or do you need the distancers to put on the GS-1000 pads.
anyone know how to dye the senn hd414 pads black?
Anyone know how to dye the hd414 pads black? Yellow is not really my color.
Thanks for posting the pic Meliboeus. It really helped out and i got it put on but my cutting was not very good like yours lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by donunus the ms1s are a little hard and dry sounding at first but still good out of the box. Just give them around 10 hours or so then start enjoying them. They only change a little after the short initial burst of usage. I wasn't asking if they needed to be burned in. That question was already answered. I was wondering if i should cut up holes for the pads. Another thing, how do i connect the headphones to my computer?...
Should i cut up holes at the earcups for the replacement senn hd414 pads? If so, can someone post pics of how it should look like"?
I actually found a site that sells the P2 but its in Russian and costs around $230. Whats the replacement and when will it be out?
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