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PM Sent
Westone UM3X is the newest ear canal earphones specially designed for musicians for stage monitoring. This is the highest-end triple driver with universal fit musicians' monitors, designed to offer the performing musician a well-balanced monitor no matter what instrument you play. The new UM3X uses the latest in balanced armature technology, with a true three-way crossover configuration that delivers incredible smooth response without accentuating any particular band of...
i dropped my moulds at the UM Office in Melbourne on 01/05.
these guys are shonky for their service - two weeks ago i get told that my pair will be back within 5 days, and then no news from them.
at this stage i just want the bloody things!!!
wow look good - sad to hear that after that 4 month wait they are under whelming.   i am still waiting from mine (since the start of april) - was told last week that i'll get em this week.   so still waiting, i pray they get the artwork and fit right - $600 ($300 for my westone 3's and another $300 for their bit) is a lot of money!~
anyone know how to contact them to actually get a response - i did mine via the Unique Melody place in Melbourne.
Lame, I've been sooo patient, I wonder what the influx of busy-ness comes from
Does anyone know their lead times, I've been on the wait for near on 10 weeks now for a W3 remold!!
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