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Breaking Bad - The Complete Series Barrel Box Set. This set features all 62 episodes from all six seasons of the popular cable drama series. This is the official retail release from the distributor. Bought from JB Hi-Fi - never played or anything. All mint condition, the apron is still sealed in it's packaging!   Please note: international postage on this will cost a fair bit - I will need to get a quote for it. Postage around Australia will vary. Buyer will need to...
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Most of you should already know about these IEMs - but for those who don't they are the flasgship IEM from Logitech (from their buyover of Ultimate Ears).   Fantastic sounding IEMs but my funny ears don't find them comfortable.   Will provide retail box (if I can find it) and all relevant accessories including storage case, tips, spare cable etc.   PM me if you need more info :)   Shipping: I am happy to ship anywhere around the world, but I will obtain a quote and...
Looking to get my hands on an RSA Predator or HeadAmp Pico DAC/Amp
Do you reckon this will be long enough to connect an iPod Classic to an RSA Tomahawk?
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Westone UM3X is the newest ear canal earphones specially designed for musicians for stage monitoring. This is the highest-end triple driver with universal fit musicians' monitors, designed to offer the performing musician a well-balanced monitor no matter what instrument you play. The new UM3X uses the latest in balanced armature technology, with a true three-way crossover configuration that delivers incredible smooth response without accentuating any particular band of...
i dropped my moulds at the UM Office in Melbourne on 01/05.
these guys are shonky for their service - two weeks ago i get told that my pair will be back within 5 days, and then no news from them.
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