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My body isn't ready...
not to mention being a total rip off, they even stole the Puget Systems picture...they've been doing this a long time
is it only for audio? just get a raspberry pi 2 instead :P control it from your phone
  Nothing wrong with it being a Resistor String DAC chip instead of an R2R type, both are multibit dac chips just of differing architectures.   I think the main problem here is that on the forum R2R has become synonymous with multibit, which isn't the case, there are several types of multibit DAC architectures around, R2R just being one of them.
Yeah, I know Vanitas by Anaal Nathrakh had a 2 overall, I wouldn't be surprised if Desideratum did as well
that might be part of why they aren't doing 16x oversampling, they seem to only be doing 8x oversampling according to what mike said about things being oversampled to 352 or 384khz, though that could also have been a limitation in the computational ability of the DSP they are using...who knows
Mr Moffat, I'd be interested in what you thought about the dynamic performance of the DAC chip you're using, as brought up by sapientiam.
 Have you heard your HE-6s from the SIT 2?
You definitely need to add Origin to that list and probably obscura as well
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