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well hot damn! new Black Dahlia Murder album, probably coming this year, instantly jumps to my second most anticipated album of the year behind only leprous
USB DACs don't not get let through because of anything to do with them not being licensed by Apple, it has to do with how much power they are drawing from the port.iPhones do maintain sample rates out the CCK though, depending on the software. I know the hilt in music app will switch between 44 and 48khz, VLC currently re samples everything to 44khz, I've talked to the iOS VLC dev about it though, and he seemed conducive to making it work at hi res too
Or you can use the Camera Connection Kit and run USB to quite a few DACs that way
and considering the rash of hatred for them I figured I had to speak up...     I am really freaking digging the new Blind Guardian album. like sure I liked some of the songs off At the Edge of Time, but Beyond the Red Mirror is amazing, the whole album back to front, and the more I listen to it, the more I fall in love with it...great stuff
Man, pfillion, I'm happy you dig Leprous as much as I do. I like that second new song they showed off even more than the first.    Like i said when I posted the first song, I think this album is a shoe in for my album of the year, which will the third Leprous album in a row to take that honor from me.     as for the rest of do you guys not dig this ****?
You guys all gotta go out and find some small batch distilleries. Once I did like 3-4 years ago in the heart of Portland, I've never been able to go back to the stuff you can find at any liquor store. My current favorite is JP Trodden, distilled in king county Washington Burnside Bourbon from east side distilling in Portland is amazing for the money as well.
Have you ever personally compared the bifrost uber to the gungnir single ended?
iOS 8 never came out for the iPhone 4, oldest phone it works on is the 4S. Stuck with iOS 7 on the 4.
"Does OS X even have bit perfect audio?" Yes...yes it does, all you have to do is make sure you have the output in audio midi set right and leave the volume control in iTunes maxed. That is bit perfect, don't even need audirvana or anything else. Though those applications assist in Automatically changing the sample rate in audio midi so you don't have to
Im gonna assume you all were just waiting for me to do so, cause it is almost criminal that the new Leprous song hasn't been posted here yet!     One of the comments on that youtube video was pretty apt when it said "this song sounds as if Bilateral and Coal f***d and had a baby called this song!"   Glorious, I cannot freaking wait for the entire album to come out. For a third album in a row I am sure Leprous will be my album of the year..
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