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Considering the Mani already uses a linear power supply...I'm curious how this person hooked his up without serious modifications to their Mani?
An interesting article about another startup that probably shouldn't have succeeded, but did, Koenigsegg Cars http://www.jaredporcenaluk.com/koenigsegg-a-lesson-for-startups/
 Neutral Grain Spirit, its basically mass produced 190 proof pure alcohol produced in medical grade giant factories, and then distilleries buy it and water it down to make vodka, sometimes though they will run it through their own stills just so they can say it was pot stilled like Tito's does. Again, its not bad vodka, but once youve found a good draft distillery it will be hard to go back. And its still an excellent value proposition compared to anything else at the vast...
You should find yourself a local craft distillery, if there are any at least. Tito's might be one of the better mass market vodka's, but it's still made from NGS, though many small "distilleries" do as well so ask for tours, which they usually love to give, and look for the giant tanks of NGS in the back.
/in Jedi mind trick voice *yes...yes he does*
Probably not. Sometimes it makes more sense to focus on the things you're good at and let other people worry about the things you aren't. Just look at Apple, they don't own foxconn or any of the other factories that make their products, they do help pay for equipment and expansion but it allows them to really focus on the things that matter.Schiit would have to do a great deal of expansion to be able to run a board house on their own and it's not something they have...
So I can run optical into my pioneer DH decoder and then just plug one of those lapel mics into the controller and have the chat audio come through my headphones?That's awesome! Thanks for the info man
So I just ordered a PS4 and would obviously like to use my HD800s to play, but I also want to be able to chat. From my searching there doesnt seem to be a way to use a mic plugged into the controller and get the chat audio through the speakers(aka the optical output to my headphones). All of that chatter is from back in 2013 though, so did they maybe add that functionality? Cause I used to do it on the 360.   Is the only way to do this to use one of the mixamp pros?...
Ritual is probably my favorite record right now and has been since it came out. I /still/ listen to it all the freaking time. Easily the best metal record of the last decade
I dunno what we're yessing about, but I'm always down to yes Ritual.
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