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I went with Browns, I'm boring.
 Man Im jealous, i got in on the second drop, should be here in november though!
  this alone proves to me that it is intentional  
Come on Jason, after all that talk about how full the board is, could you show us pics of a stuffed modi multibit board?
I have a 1 year old Synology DS414 with no disks in it for sale, only selling cause I upgraded to the 8 bay model for more storage. Comes with all original boxes
I have an iPhone 6 in silver with 128 GB for sale, it is in pretty good condition. It has a few knicks on it around the edges. It also had its screen replaced by Apple at the end of February. Comes with all accessories in new condition and the box.
Considering the Mani already uses a linear power supply...I'm curious how this person hooked his up without serious modifications to their Mani?
An interesting article about another startup that probably shouldn't have succeeded, but did, Koenigsegg Cars http://www.jaredporcenaluk.com/koenigsegg-a-lesson-for-startups/
 Neutral Grain Spirit, its basically mass produced 190 proof pure alcohol produced in medical grade giant factories, and then distilleries buy it and water it down to make vodka, sometimes though they will run it through their own stills just so they can say it was pot stilled like Tito's does. Again, its not bad vodka, but once youve found a good draft distillery it will be hard to go back. And its still an excellent value proposition compared to anything else at the vast...
You should find yourself a local craft distillery, if there are any at least. Tito's might be one of the better mass market vodka's, but it's still made from NGS, though many small "distilleries" do as well so ask for tours, which they usually love to give, and look for the giant tanks of NGS in the back.
New Posts  All Forums: