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Totally forgot to post this new Dillenger Escape Plan single that came out a while ago, pretty solid song. Only available on vinyl on their current tour though unfortunately
The Loki is most definitely a stand alone dac, it just happens to only do DSD...
Pretty interesting article about the Blood Music mystery releases I didn't buy in, but I had thought about it.
GUYS GUYS GUYS, i get to see The Black Dahlia Murder tomorrow night in Seoul!!!! As you can see I am super pumped
well schiit, new Mastodon today as well
 huh, I really like that CA0021-53E, Ill have to try to find that at a store here in Korea to check out! thanks for the rec
 haha thanks Trogdor. I will say though, I never liked The Great Mass as much as their previous efforts. Not that it's bad, but this new song is pretty awesome, pumped for Titan to come out.
Maybe a dumb question, but what is h800 movement? Yeah I like citizens, I've still got a titanium blue angels skyhawk by them, the band is just broken and I want something a bit less busy as well now
new Septic Flesh track off a forthcoming album I didn't even know was coming out
I used to wear a watch all the time as a kid and till i was around 20 years old when I got my first smartphone, which is what i typically use now. But I'm looking to get another watch. I don't want to spend more than around 500 bucks, and would prefer an understated look but not boring, something like this is the best I found doing a bit of perusing. Any other ideas from you folks?
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