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Who here is brave enough to buy and plug MA900 with this class-a amp/dac and give us impressions?
My dream successor or version 2.0 for the MA900.     1.  Retain the design of the MA900 - aluminum grills, magnesium hanger and headband skeleton.   2.  Use MDR Z7 driver, but tune it for linear mids and improved soundstage+depth but not at the expense of "center" image...  also would love to have extended sub bass down to 30hz as a bonus, and keep the treble as-is.   3.  Detachable left/right cables.   4.  Use alcantara or ecsaine type of material for the earpads...
 hehe another high-profile artist who bought illegal headphones
  7506 forces vocalists to not voice out  too much ssss, ssshh, zzzz and too much smacking lips sounds
  I really wanna find out if it is possible to put Z7's drivers to MA900
Right now I'm just imagining how the 70mm aluminum-LCP would sound like in a MA900 chassis...      
 even better if the Z7's 70mm a-LCP driver finds its way to the future versions of open headphone like the ma900 or SA-5000
 hmmm I thought it's illegal to sell MDR 7520 in the EU zone because  it's too loud...
 MA900 has way better materials on critical & moving moving parts...  aluminum grills, magnesium hanger and headband (skeleton).  MA900 is heck a lot more flexible and it doesn't creak.
  Is it safe to assume the Z5's bass does not "leak" to mids like its headphone cousin Z7? ...and is tghe Z5's sound quality right up there with other high-end iem's such as  high-end hybrids,  JH-Roxanne, Shure 846, Senn ie800 and JVC "woodies" ?
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