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 i hope Z5 is able to recreate MDR 7550/EX800st and EX1000's warm-ish side of neutral & fast transient bass.
 nohousing looks even cheaper than MDR EX800st/MDR 7550
Sony regional sites are very fragmented. For example I didn't even know the new XBA A3 iem until I checked out Sony Singapore.
 I'm sure it will be on the high side like the EX1000 because it's made in Japan.Apparently "Made in Japan" is now part of the marketing bullet point. Z5 pre-order page on amzn is up
   Why can't all sony regional sites stay in one page? I didn't know XBA-A3 is a new model (replacement to H3?) until I checked out Sony Singapore.  Sony China (mainland) and Germany only featured Z7.  Sony USA features no new models & upcoming flagships.
 All I know is that Beat Response Control started with MDR-1R headphone"According to Sony, the artists and engineers that collaborated with the design team identified the 30-40Hz range as being critical to properly reproducing today’s music. So Sony’s engineers implemented a ‘Beat Response Control’ design, which uses air vents in the housings to improve both low frequency response and transient characteristics. The bass on the MDR-1R’s is undoubtedly quick and controlled... Looks like Z5 is the successor to the XBA H3 with improvements to the dynamic and BA drivers I wonder if XBA Z5 will be a new model above XBA H3 or a replacement to H3...   ... and imo the Z5 reeks serious business because of the conservative design & looks, and I also think it's even more conservative than even the already conservative EX800st / 7550 in the looks &...
I read somewhere that JVC HA MX10 is the competitor to another Japan-exclusive headphone Sony MDR CD900ST for studio environment.   -----   edit:  graphs & charts measurement for this headphones are out -
Amazon is doing the $250 deal again.
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