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 7550s is not that expensive if you cross the border
 Can you do a XBA Z5 vs MDR 7550 (a.k.a. - EX800st) comparison ?
 ex800st 7550 international
 For just 20 more bux you can get EX800ST... brand new.
How does ma900 sound with Foreplay - Long Time by Boston, and how does it compare to MDR Z7 you demo-ed? 
 i forgot the bass test link link, but it's a youtube clip that Lachlan (a_recording) used to to point out the bass flutter issue he had with his MDR Z7 headphone.Thank god my MDR 7550 is flutter-free in the bass region and has good left-right driver matching.the source by the way is just my Dell Latitude laptop headphone output.
I ran a bass note test and 24hz is the lowest I can hear (or feel).
 Can you comment on how it sounds with klipsch tips?
  Assuming that MA900 really is the continuation of the mdr f1 heritage.....  MA900 should scale up when fed with 1 watt of class-a power, just like the MDR F1.  [[SPOILER]]
Any Sony MDR MA900 headphone owners here?   Is Geek Out 1000 an overkill for a headphone with nominal impedance of just 12 ohm like the Sony MDR MA900?
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