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They're the one headphones I'm not so critical on sound on, thought he HyperX seem to be tilted a bit more towards the bassy side of things.  I'll check out the 2050 pads and the HM5 velour. Thanks for the input, guys.
I've searched a bit, but feel I'm overlooking it at this point. Are Takstar Pro 80 earpads interchangeable with the HyperX Cloud line? I cheaped out a while back and got the Cloud Core for PS4/XB1 gaming and am searching for a suitable velour pad for them (it's starting to get hot). I've found some on eBay, but I figured I'd ask for recommendations here or see what else may be compatible with them. Thanks.
Not sure if I could make another so soon, but I'm always open.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself in this last one and would definitely not mind another.
Yeah, I don't think you'd be one bit of disappointed with a Modi/Magni or Modi/Vali combo along with the HD650.  I plan on letting the Asgard 2 and HD650 combo spoil me for quite a bit longer :).
FiiO E11 is sold! Only the Monsters left! I'll probably take them down soon and keep them if there's no interest. Make me an offer!
 I found out the same thing.  I was pleasantly surprised how well it handled anything electronic.  It's why I sold my Beyers in the end.
You guys are real potty mouths :p.   I'll also see myself out...
The Beyers are sold!
First thing is first; I haven't sold/traded here a lot once the new system was in place, but I have feedback under the old system, and I have plenty of feedback from OCN (the ONLY other site I have this posted).  This is why the sticky note you see has [OCN] in it.  I have the same username on both sites.   Hello to all those looking: Simple sale going on here. I'll try and be as to-the-point as possible. All of these are for sale; not looking for trades (unless you...
I'd have to take a look in my bag, but I thought they did. I might be thinking of my old SF3s. However, UE did make some that are very similar to how your single flange ones are.
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