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Where did you pick up the 4 pin mini xlr plugs?
I've had the P7s for about a month too, they're wonderful. Good enough isolation to make me forget I'm at the office when I need to concentrate. They're simply a really enjoyable headphone to listen to, doesn't hurt that the build quality feels fantastic.
  Anyone interested in a decent set up from the University of Washington Surplus store?     * Kyocera B-910, Non response Fine Ceramic pure Class-A 35 amplifier * 2 Audio research Classic 120 mono-block amplifiers * 1 Audio research LS-25 pre-amplifier * 1 Audio Research CD-2 CD player * 1 Audio research PH-3 Head amplifier * 1 Oracle Premier-V turntable * 1 SME V tone arm * 1 Sony FM tuner * 4 Tower Infinity IRS speaker towers with dedicated...
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