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since I am using jriver media player, I leave the sound card volume 100% and in the jriver options I set the volume option to "internal volume" which is 64bit volume control, so I am using jriver volume mostly and I leave the sound card volume 100%
I think limitation is because of micro USB port capabilities, but if this is true, all other portable DACs will be 16bit/44.1kHz with android.
 I also started to look elsewhere because of I learned that digital audio will be degraded to 16 bit / 44.1 khz on android devices over usb... but for IOS it is 24 bit / 48kHz  
Can I send the audio over NFC ? or if I send digital audio data over Bluetooth, will SQ degraded?   I am planning to use E5 with my samsung s4 and sennheiser IE8   Do you offer another DAC AMP comparable to E5?   Where can I pre order this DAC/Amp?   Too much questions sorry     I am very excited about this product because of nfc and bluetooth tech it uses. 
using the discrete master clock a few cm away from stock crystal is not a new thing, old cd players can also be upgraded with new master clock and there are lots of examples of them on the web, some discrete master clock designs have SMA jacks and a few cm of RG316 wire...
yes I mean those, they really improved the quality. I am using DIY tube preamp with bang olufsen power amp and ELAC 108.2 stereo speakers, and sennheiser hd600 as phones. I can definetely tell you these drivers improved the sound quality through my system. I think low DPC latency of this driver has caused this improvement.  bass texture and musical dynamics are far better than old official asus driver.
Hİ guys   Sorry I am sorry to disturb you, but if anybody out there still using stock drivers, delete them and go for the Unified drivers.    I was using official drivers until now but today I give the unified drivers a try and with the first song in the spotify(through fidelify) I must say that sound difference is just like day and night IMHO   I installed Cmedia panel installation, the difference was like modding the precision clock of the card. Because I get this...
yes, thank you moriez for being so honest about this stuation, and I will be very happy if I get positive result after investigation from Senn Turkey
hi moriez can you listen these ie8s  to compare the sound with reviews...
no I did not listen to them, but according to head-fi, the bass is very strong, trebles are crisp, and very good soundstage.   actually I am looking for an iem sounds like an HD600, based on the reviews I felt like ie8s can sound like hd600
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