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One last comment: music is now less fatiguating compared to stock op amps. Actually stock opamps are terrible after hearing NE5532s IMHO.
Hi guys I replaced all of my stock op amps with NE5532s. And applied rjm003's capacitor upgrade in the IV stage. These NE5532s are very cheap op amps but the result is not very cheap. Actually I now understand how important the op amps in this card. Sound is improved in every way. Bass become tight powerful amd impactful. Trebles are very detailed and there is no sign of harsness. Mids are very clear and lush warm. Sound stage from left to right is now razor sharp. I can...
Hi I will buy NE5532AP for both IV and buffer stages, but I also want to order AD8620 for IV stage and LME49710HA matal can opamps. Which model should I buy there are more than 10 results when search on the MOUSER for instance "AD8620" ? can anybody help to find exact part? Thanks
I have had also the fake one. And sell them (as fake). They both looks very very similar but when you touch the original one the cable feels quality soft. The original one also have softer silicone ear plugs.
And the other photo without flash.
This is the original one i have.compare it.
Hi everybody I have the STX card for the long time (over 2 years) with stock op amps and upgraded master clock. I want to upgrade the op amps. I am after lush, warm and smooth midrange with a little bit rolled of trebles(without completely losing them). I also dont need extra powerfull bass. Actually i am using the card mainly with KEF ls50 speakers. Sometimes i use HD600 headphones. What op amps do you suggest me ?
since I am using jriver media player, I leave the sound card volume 100% and in the jriver options I set the volume option to "internal volume" which is 64bit volume control, so I am using jriver volume mostly and I leave the sound card volume 100%
I think limitation is because of micro USB port capabilities, but if this is true, all other portable DACs will be 16bit/44.1kHz with android.
 I also started to look elsewhere because of I learned that digital audio will be degraded to 16 bit / 44.1 khz on android devices over usb... but for IOS it is 24 bit / 48kHz  
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