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hi moriez can you listen these ie8s  to compare the sound with reviews...
no I did not listen to them, but according to head-fi, the bass is very strong, trebles are crisp, and very good soundstage.   actually I am looking for an iem sounds like an HD600, based on the reviews I felt like ie8s can sound like hd600
hi moriez so where did you get these? what is the story behind these? :)   actually I can see a very small piece of red wire in the cable is it true? can you look closer
hi moriez   can you take picture of your iems just like in this picture      lying down on a flat surface, including the left iem,   and also nozzle mesh pictures can be good
yes anyone who experienced fake and real deal ie8s, we need your help
Hi friends   I have won the bidding on this IE8s :   What do you think? Are these real deal? I will send payment if these are real,  the "S" logo on the iems and foam of the box looks original compared to fakes.
are these gotten from authorized seller? or second hand?   is any discount possible?
me too
Hi everybody   I am just buy two nos tubes to roll but both of them has one channel sound, only left channel is working. But when I get back to electro harmonix (default tube) both channels working.    Is this a bias issue or tubes are wrong?
 Actually windows 8.1 sound weird to me. I immediatley downgrade to win7 pro. couple of weeks ago I upgraded my STX card with Audio-GD JZ-1 TCXO clock, and the difference was huge everything from dynamics to bass definitions became so fine.. and I found JPLAY, started to try and experiment listening with different songs,  I decided JPLAY sounds more fluidic compared to other OUTPUT options like KS, WASAPI and ASIO ASIO is is like over driving the sound, so music becomes...
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