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Mass loading also lowers the resonant frequency of whatever you are adding mass to. For ideal damping, you'd want it lower then the driver's resonant frequency but that may not be practical without taking up too much space inside the headphones. Having the enclosures resonant frequency around that of the drivers will extend the bass response, at a small cost of the bass becoming 'laggy'. For what it's worth, in my experience even adding a small amount of blutack provided...
They look pretty and cause a placebo effect. Reminds me of that thread where someone cut open some expensive power cable which ended up to be a regular power cable run through garden hose and filled with sand lol.
Just put a thin circle of blutack (1mm thick) on the cup behind where the driver is.   Foam won't do much to damp headphones because the wavelengths are long, and the distance between the driver and the cup isn't. Also if you put too much in you will effectively make your driver enclosure smaller which will make the bass boomy and lack extension.
A1000 pads are a thicker more durable vinyl. Personally i have W5000 pads (genuine leather).
A 10" subwoofer, AD900 and another AD900.
Placebo effect, imo. It's like people who have subs in their car, you get immune to it after a while.
Pendulum - The Isand   the bass, oh the bass...
Hybrid - Disappear Here Best album this century.
I'm completely satisfied with my AD900. I don't see any point of spending any money on an amp or better phones because i can't imagine the music i listen to would sound any better. TBH, i don't think you need to spend much money at all. I find KSC-75's and a cheap Meizu M6 80% as satisfying as my AD900's...
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