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I'd like to call out Dan and his amazing customer service. Even knowing I might return the headphones he has been nothing short of spectacular to deal with. He has given suggestions every step of the way (before purchase, and after), even going so far as to offer to ship me a shorter leather strap if mine was too long (it isn't thought).    Just wanted to let everyone know my experience so far, in case anyone was hesitant. 
Does your leather strap touch the rubberized headband when they are on your head? I'm wondering if my comfort strap is too long/short or something. I'm really trying my hardest not to send these back .   The clamp is definitely light, which is really nice, my ears aren't getting nearly as warm as with my M50s. 
I got the full option. Comfort strap + dog pads.
Got the Mad Dogs in the mail last week. Been auditioning them since then. I absolutely love their sound, but they seem quite heavy. After wearing these for about 20-30min my neck starts to feel strained. I had M50s before these and that never happend (though these are heavier). Any suggestions? Am I wearing these wrong (not really sure how I could be wearing these "wrong")? Is everyone else's neck just more awesome than mine? I'm going to give them another day or so, but...
I know i know, but I need a cable sooner rather than later, and i'd like it to be 90deg and fit the MrSpeakers MadDog. Will this be fine? I realize cables are a topic like religion, but are these going to seriously degrade performance vs. the stock Mad Dogs cable?
Picked this up . Thanks again to Kojaku for answering all my questions. Can't wait til it gets here!
Looking to buy a desktop headphone amp to complete my setup. I have Mad Dogs and a JDS Labs ODAC. Looking for an amp that can power the Mad Dogs. I've heard the Schiit Asgard has had quality control issues in the past, but also have heard it's no longer an issue. Any current Asgard owners want to comment on this? What about O2 Amp owners? Will it be powerful enough to power the Mad Dogs? Any other amp suggestions in the $150-$250 range I should be looking at?  Thanks...
Would love to get one of these if anyone has one available. Shoot me a PM with pics and offers! 
Does anyone have any Amp (and possibly Amp/DAC) suggestion in the $150-$250 range, that would work well with the Mad Dogs? I have a pair coming in next week and i'd like a good starter desktop headphone amp for them. I will be using a Macbook Pro as a source. I've been looking at the Schiit Asgard and the HiFiMan EFA2, but am open to any and all suggestions.
Hey Guys,   So after a lot of deliberation I went ahead and purchased the MadDogs. I'd like to get an amp (and possibly an integrated DAC) for around $200, but will go to $250 for something fantastic. Source will be a Macbook Pro. What amps will this sound best with? I've looked at the Hi-Fi Man EF2A and Schiit Asgard, but honestly have no idea if they would be good for it, as this is my first foray into headphone amps. I listen to lots of classic rock, rock, and jam...
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