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Looking for the black version of the PM-3. Hoping to get some offers below the refurbished price of $319. Thanks!
Would definitely be interested in trying these out for a week. Agree to the terms and conditions. Thanks!
Are people having fit problems with the PM4? This is my first pair of Trinity IEMs, but i'm having a huge issue getting a good fit, and they start to hurt my ears after only about 10 minutes.    To give you some perspective, i'm coming from the Westone 1s and I used the Shure Olive tips. Those fit like a dream. 
Random question for people in this thread. My current pair of IEMs use the Shure Olives as tips, which I absolutely love. Are there any tips similar to the Shure Olives that fit the PM4? As it's my understanding that Shure Olives won't fit on the PM4.
@Bobtrinity any chance of posting pictures of the different PM4 colors? Wanting to pull the trigger while pre-order pricing is still in effect, but not knowing how Matte Black looks is making it quite difficult.
Hi Head-Fi -- it's been a while!   Unfortunately, the right IEM on my Westone 1s is dying. Before that I had Westone 3s that also suffered a similar fate. While I absolutely love the Westone sound, their reliability is not good enough for me to feel comfortable dropping another couple hundred bucks on a pair of IEM's from them.    So now comes the question: What other IEM's have a similar sound signature to the Westone 3s or Westone 1s?   I listen to a lot of...
Hey HeadFi,   Unfortunately, over the past week my trusty Westone 3's have developed a cable issue (right IEM is cutting in and out when the cable moves). They're about 3 years old, so i'm a bit dsiappointed they didn't last longer, but what you can do. I'm looking to replace them with an IEM in the $200-$400 range, and looking to get something close to the same signature/what I liked about the Westones. Other than the audio signature of the Westone 3's, the main reasons...
I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you. I can say that I loved the sound signature of the Mad Dogs, but I do wish it had a tiny bit more bass slam. I've heard the Mad Dog Pro is a bit like this. I haven't had a ton of exposure to a bunch of different headphone unfortunately. The other headphones i've liked in the past have been the Grade S60's, Westone 3 (IEM), and the ATH-M50. 
Yup, i've been talking to him (Dan), he's been very helpful. I'm still hoping we can figure out a solution, just trying to get a sense for what my other options are if we can't figure out a solution. 
 In terms of music I listen to a good amount of jam bands (mostly Phish), rock (Black Keys, Houndmouth), electronica (Pretty Lights, Glitch Mob, Daft Punk) and a good amount of 90s hip hop. So it's a pretty good variety. In terms of sound signatures that I like (and excuse my incorrect language): I like instrument separation (for when I listen to bands like Phish) and like tight and punchy, but not overpowering, bass (for when I listen to 90's hip hop and...
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