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Thank you all for the replies. This is simply a loan program, nothing is exchanging hands or being traded. She;s simply going to listen to them and then ship them back to us. I'm trying to minimize customs fees and if any taxes. I'll be shipping my hd-580's to someone in the states and then he is going to ship his Carrie dac/amp and my hd-580's to her in Canada.
Quote: Originally Posted by IPodPJ The chip designers will tell you no two DAC chips with high specs like these will sound different and they are all perfectly flat within the range of human hearing. It is all in the implementation and the output stage. I'm not sure whether I believe this, but I'm not willing to rule it out either. So lead or no lead, I think that's stretching the truth of what you can hear. What other parts were replaced? You had...
A friend and I are going to be shipping a pair of headphones, amd and dac from the USA to anohter friend in Canada for her to give them a listen. He;s on the east coast, I'm in the mid-west, she's in BC. What would be the best,safest way to insure no, or little custon fee's or taxes?Nothing is being sold or traded. She's just going to give them a liten and then ship them back. would it be best to send everyting in one shipment, or would it be best to send them...
I don't have any experience with anyone being autistic, but from what I know, and my own symptoms from brain injury I would think what "type" of headphone would depend on whatever the student will be able to tolerate wearing. Then the strong possibility channel separation will be as big of a problem as the normal ambiance you're trying fix for him. But that also depends on what he's going to be listening to and how. I would suggest just finding some old headphones...
Good luck getting it starightened out. Looking forward to hearing what you think of it.
If you like the Senn sound I'd go ahead and upgrade to HD580,600,650 and enjoy those out of your soundcard until they get well broken in before getting an amp.
I'd bet a vital body part, that any Solo is not discrete... ok, let me save something.... at least up until the SRG. I say this cause I think the Novo , up until that point, is the only discrete up until then.
New Posts  All Forums: