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they look lovely
  amazing trance track that lifts you such a great track!
With all the talk about the focal new flagship over ears i  did some googleing on in ears using similar materials and came across this.   https://www.amazon.com/Fuji-Headphones-Microphone-Compatible-Smartphones/dp/B00OM6DATQ   From of all companies Fuji labs? Weird right but that 69 USD price is mighty nice especially if its using similar materials as the amazing focal flagships might be a cheap bang for for your buck performer. Just my 2 random as hell cents.
If you like a very musical and neutral presentation its a must IMO   Ive been enjoying the crap out of them and i can tell you that they pair very well with the mojo   
blind purchase smerchase i did a blind buy in on 1200 USD customs and never regret a thing best purchase i ever did in audio
Glade your enjoying them they are so under rated for sure but there time has come and gone i think. JVC has launched the newer version already the MX100Z for the newer High resoution specification and it looks like a re engineering/rework job than just a retune   https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://victorstudio.jp/hamx100z/&prev=search
Count me interested i have a 6 driver custom and have been looking for a cheaper gateway for multi driver awesomeness for the wife these just might do the trick and there beautiful to boot with a great price.
JESUS OMG BBQ GOOD SCOTT THEY MADE IT!!!!!!!!Im listening to the MX10B right now and i just read this post thank god i wasnt drinking anything otherwise it would have ended up on my monitor...my body and my spirit and wallet are soooooooooooooooooo ready for this i ador the MX10B and to know they updated it is just a wish come true!
listening to my wifes normal 598 on the chord mojo at high volumes i never hear distortion .....ever
havent demoed either of those but wish i could. High end ciem prices atm pretty much lock me into one atm 
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