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Oh man didnt realize it was so :( now i feel kinduv bad for posting it 
Dont know if this has been posted but while searching around the web i came across this site [REMOVED]   It has lots of genres in FLAC all for free   DO NOT USE THAT SITE ITS ILLEGITIMATE 
Great find!
Deffinetly lovin the CT-6E. Im suprized the JH13FP didnt do as well in the treble I was under the impression is was more treble heavy. 
words just cant describe it 
Alrighty after a few days with them i have a better feel for them in regards to their sound but ill keep this short and sweet ill write a full review later   Over all character: In a way its mellow and some what energetic at the same time and spacious. Well how so? The mids are up front and recessed at the same time...yes this exists people and its pretty cool to me at least. The bass integrates nicely and the treble is very clear clean and sparkly but never harsh very...
Deffinetly enjoying my CT-6E thanks for reviewing them!
I have this track from the film in FLAC and to date the CT-6E are the first to make me cry listening to it
 numbers cant convey what im hearing atm. The presentation makes it almost a whole body experience not the typical head stage this is very different and i am a fan.
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