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Been using the LZ-A3S for a bit now and i agree they are awesome
Could you post pics for a step by step guide for this mod? I'm sure other M560 owners would be willing to try it out.
Alright folks i flexed my uplifting wings for you and found (at least to me) some of the best uplifting tracks that i know of. I'm talking mood lifting goodness. Dust off them wings and grab your goggles cuz were about to fly on some seriously powerful feel good vibes. DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for anything that will happen from you being Happy/nostalgic or any super positive awesome thing that results from you being happier as a result from listening to these...
The ella is very interesting
the NEXT gives me strong HD800/DT150 vibes but as alot on here have said it looks alot better than either of them.
boarding has begun for thread hype  
Vibrosphere- Autumn lights (this was real proper progressive uplifting psytrance man i wish they'd get back together now)   Gai barone's remix of Art of Trance Ultra Fox (this one is just so damn deep and groovy that is just makes me wanna move and dance great track )
With advances in manufacturing and tuning pretty much anything can be improved. Id like to see maybe color options and a more ergonomic small ear friendly housing shape, but the Turbo look of it is pretty cool. Down the line i can see future LZ models using different driver configurations and more advance cross over designs to name a few. Lots of hybrid iems are beginning to adapt exotic dome materials for the dynamic drivers while the industry trend of more divers is also...
Will do ASAP thanks 
wonder if anyone would be willing to make a DIY custom using the monk+ and recable 
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