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Holy mother of peal more JVC wooden goodness inbound im in!
those pads seem like a much better match for sure
i burned them in was abuse i used my music collection at reckless volumes for 2 weeks and them became much smoother and articulate. I run mine out of a chord mojo and have had no issue with the set up my CIEMs a much better technically but i love the sound the MX10 makes.
OMG! I've been financially tied with moving but would love to get my hands on one as i own the previous version the MX10. The stock pads do blow for comfort but i solved that using HM5 pads and can confirm they fit and sound good give it a try.
Oh and how do they compare to Panasonic's previous iem the HJE900, as these seem to be a successor of sorts if not at least spiritually?
How do they stack up against your other iems? What are there strengths and weaknesses? How you have enjoyed them so far? Have you tired aftermarket cables with them?
the outer driver acts like a ring radiator driver and the center like a more traditional dynamic driver very interesting 
there must be more impressions i was a die hard fan of the HJE900 and now there is a successor and we have no one talking about it for shame!
they look lovely
  amazing trance track that lifts you such a great track!
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