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havent demoed either of those but wish i could. High end ciem prices atm pretty much lock me into one atm 
I can tell you that they handle games very well. That holophonic effect makes PC gaming a joy to play and lteis
You know it!
the manner in which you are exposed to this song in the second dream took my breath away so many feelz
makes the HE6 easy to drive with that combo. This is good as ive been wanting some large cans to compliment my ciem 
i have the onkyo player app on my LG pulse and it wont detect the mojo even on my new otg cable hmm
what is the cheapest otg transport that you folks are using seems my phone isnt able to support otg audio out
Shameless self promotion is grounds to get baned on head-fi so its not to far of a stretch to imagine it locking a thread 
If how onkyo handled the HA300 is any indication how they will handle the DP-X1 it will turn out alrigh then.
All the UI problems can be fixed with software updates so there is that
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