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Any A3S users her that can give a comparison to the A4?
candies have way more swag for sure
The HD6XX is going to be one of the most if not the most bought and used headphone in head-fi history and will more than likely spark a new audio revolution and awareness in the public that great sound doesn't cost a fortune and will more than likely crash the massdrop domain momentarily....yeah im calling it now.
been using the monks since i got them and i agree the hype is real 
Are the candy editions available again?
Super groovy remix of Max Graham's Airtight done by Mark Zuberstein
Ugh you guys are the worst now i got a itch to try the A3S balanced!  So besides AK Daps are there any desktop solutions for balanced output, as my mojo is my only amp/dac atm?
cant say anything about the Original A3s as i dont have them but the A3S to my ears sounds awesome id love to try it balanced
Just a update for anyone following the thread.   These things have been getting all of my ear time lately very addicting smooth and clear presentation.   The fit on my customs is really holding things back as with more burn in (be it physical or mental)these absolutely  do to me have the overall performance edge being completely honest(not easy to admit as my customs although loved by me aren't cheap at all) The refinement isn't as huge as you think and the CT-6E walk...
Is there a review of the phantom hunter or any impressions of it?
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