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So how do these fair against the brainwavez r3
Man those are a blast from my high school days been forever since i owned a pair ,and i didn't knew anything like i did now about audio when i owned them. Back then i thought they were great definitely built to last i cant rely on my memory as its been years since i had a pair but i dont remember them being terrible for a start.   But to help really we need to know the usual the source files your intentions with them what your using them out of, plus your budget ect if...
none taken i haven't had the opportunity to listen to the DT990s myself 
Not overrated or underrated but under exposed or maybe hidden treasure   JVC MX-10 (own) great neutral sound sig with a screamin good timbre and resolution Beyerdynamic DT235(auditioned)  Great fun little beater phone that honestly wipes the floor with anything under $150 Sony SA1000/3000/5000 (haven't heard these myself) They get glowing reviews and have a small following on head fi that just seems over looked Kenwood KH-K1000 (haven't heard it) Same story a thread...
ive only had a fair time with the sony V6 and Shure 440 and it quit handily bested them in neutrality and clarity. Most notable was the timbre the JVC just sounded much more natural. Eventually a co worker of mine will let me audition his LCD-2s just for giggles to see how it stacks but atm im more than happy with them. I dont use them for production but listening mostly. I listen to everything from country to metal and rap lately daft punk has taken most of my play time...
id like to add the JVC MX10-B into the mix I took a blind jump with them and have never been happier as far as a studio monitor set goes.
I have not heard a pair myself but from documented accounts of those on headfi who do have them they are described as being hyper detailed with a very realistic timbre and very musical. Not by technicality the most capable headphone ever but it compares nicely to the likes of the stax O2 HD800 DX1000 HE-400 and LCDs. Plus that lifetime warranty is something that im very attracted to
Ending this year i too found my hallmark in sound the MX10s have proven to be above and beyound what i wanted in a headphone and i still want more. I have my eyes set on a set of Koss ESP-950 or some JVC VICTOR DX1000 or DX700s for next year!
They are highly regarded among iem users and, as by drblue they are tuned more for a flatter response and are more accurat.  Not really as much as a v sound curve as many so many iems have sony went and made a true in ear monitor and from all impressions ive read it does so well and because of it some people find it dry or boring but its highly capable from a technical standpoint id say its more than worth a look.
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