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 What sort of music do you listen to ?
Do you guys still like your Z5 ?  Where is the cheapest place to buy them ?
Are there any earphones that are cheaper and sound better for classical/movie music ?
I'm considering the Special Edition.  Are there any other earphones that are just as good but cheaper ?
Star Trek: Beyond - 5/10   It's a fast and furious movie with spacecrafts.  There is nothing Star Trek about it.  
It has only been used once or twice a week.  The tubes as seen in the photo will be included as well as the standard power supply.   230 volt version.     Free postage to anywhere in Australia.   If you want to buy them separately: Apex Peak and the standard power supply is $950 Apex Volcano is $550   The Apex Volcano can be posted to North America, United Kingdom and New Zealand.  It can be set to 115 volt.  Shipping cost is $45.
Post to anywhere in Australia (free postage), New Zealand, United Kingdom and North America.  Shipping cost is $15. 
The item was bought in July 2011.  It has only been used once or twice a week.  I have only used the coaxial input and RCA outputs, the rest of the inputs and outputs have never been used and I have no ability to test them.  240 volt version.   It will be posted in its original box.  Delivery is by road using Australia Post registered mail.  
Star Wars: The Force Awakens   7.5/10   It's a departure from Lucas's style of story telling and directing.  All the characters are interesting to watch but The Force is not with this movie.  
I don't know.  May be !
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