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Nomax, have you listened to this new technology ?
Is it still the flagship ?
 I bet the price will be over $2000.  
This HD800 is about four years old averaging around two hours of usage per week.  The earpads and headband padding should be replaced soon.  The stock cable is near brand new.  The box has little dents or cosmetic imperfections.     Asking price is $700.  Payment via direct deposit or money order is preferred. Send via Registered Mail.  It's an additional $20 for express post to anywhere in Australia.  Insurance against loss is additional.  
They are not cheap !  
Where is the best place to buy earpads and headband padding ?
http://www.collective-evolution.com/2015/05/16/editor-in-chief-of-worlds-best-known-medical-journal-half-of-all-the-literature-is-false/   I wonder about other branches of science.  
I thought The Hobbit was going to end similarly to The Lord of The Rings.  
Ebay's global shipping program doesn't deliver to post office boxes in Australia.  Paypal claim was ruled in favour of the seller despite FedEx saying the parcel was returned to sender.  
Did anyone buy Angie ?
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