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x2!   ZARIM has been asked by other members on numerous occasions (including myself) whether he has ever heard or owned any of the expensive IEMs he recommends. To date, I do not recall him ever responding to anyone's queries - but I do recall him PM'ing me in the past to ask my opinion on some earphones, and then (with no acknowledgement at all of my PM) he posted practically word for word what I'd said about them as if they were his own observations.   People here who...
I just checked their website and they have a local rate land line. If you like, I could call them for you and try to find out what's going on with your order.   If they're not replying to your emails (bad!) then a phone call might sort it out. Let me know. I might need your order number for them to identify the purchase.   Anyway, I'm happy to give them a quick call if you like.
  You posted almost the exact same problem 2 months ago here... http://www.head-fi.org/t/619407/rename-the-files#post_8549589   Did the following link not help?   http://www.head-fi.org/t/619407/rename-the-files#post_8550205
I don't have any 128 files at all. Most of my music is in 350 AAC vbr (using dbPoweramp to rip to FLAC and then to convert) and I can't tell a difference between that, and lossless, except for 2 albums that sound slightly louder with a bigger soundstage in lossless (both are live albums). It's not worth the space and drain on battery life to me.   MrScratch -  I said the majority of people can't hear the difference between lossless and high-bitrate lossy files. I don't...
Try reading this thread, since it's basically exactly the same as this one.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/570621/flac-vs-320-mp3   The majority of people (even those with excellent hearing) cannot tell the difference between lossless and high-bitrate lossy files.
cn11 has one, and reviewed it right here.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/625852/sony-nwz-f806-mini-review#post_8669383
Hey Chris, great little review.   I bet you're pleased that you finally found something to better your X, which was already (like you said) great sounding.   I wonder what Sony were thinking when they left off the physical buttons for changing tracks, fast-forward and rewind? Those features were really useful on the X. But then Sony have a habit of taking something useful away with each new model. How many steps do you have to take to get back to the music menu...
jtaylor991 - so sorry to hear about your cat passing away. My friend's cat also had a heart attack recently, which, as your vet said, is totally unpredictable. Very very sad. He looks gorgeous in the photo. I think you're right about him wanting to have one last moment with you. It's nice (if that's the right word?) that you were with him at the end and that he wasn't alone. It must have made him feel much safer.
  I'm beginning to think exactly the same thing.   Why on earth would any professed cat lover describe in horribly graphic detail the injuries of a non-existent cat??? For what reason?   And if the cat does exist... then where's our update? Surely she knew we'd be wanting to hear some news after her grisly post, which I have to say upset me, because it made me think how I'd feel if my own cat got injured like that. Oh well, like Silent One said... at least we're suckers...
  I'm a bit confused now. kiteki asked the OP why she'd joined Head-Fi specifically to post about the cat, and the response was...     ... but there are no posts on this site about cats going without food and water, and if you Google 'injured and starving cat' - nothing comes up apart from this thread. Makes me wonder if she got this site confused with another? Either way, I'd sure like to know how the cat is.
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