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Is this circuit really appropriate for battery-powered use?  There are going to be huge I-V losses through the linear regulators when the ground is sourcing current.
It sounds great!  I've only tested it with Visang VS-R03, Vsonic GR06, MDR-V6, and Koss DJ100s.  I'm in the market for purchasing some nicer headphones that will really benefit from dedicated amplification.  I'd like to get it measured as well.  I have a lot of ideas for improving the next revision of the PCB.   One of the secondary functions of the battery protection circuit that I omitted was to minimize turn-on transients, so as it currently stands, this version...
I'm doing this project as a personal learning experience and plan to open-source everything (with the requisite disclaimer: if you build this and destroy anything, its not my fault)   Most of my design experience is in the digital realm.  I'm trying to improve my analog layout and circuit design - please provide feedback!  It is a dual headphone amplifier based on nwavguy's O2 amp. I wanted to make something nice for listening to music or watching a movie together in...
The ARt DI/O is listed on their summer clearance catalog in PDF
really? so your talking about external drives right, not internal? What do they use to interface with the computer?
you mean those without power supplies and just the standard volume, and headphone out that fit in the 5 x 1.5 computer bay? I dont know, but it would be good project to attempt (like find the specific IDE pins that output audio or whatever and so on)
Jesus, the A810 series is not plastic... take the back cover off and drop in on a marble floor or something - it does not sound or feel like plastic. Its metal with a matte finish...
Wow, flame war nation.... Anyways I can definitely confirm the volume decrease for A818 on adjusted EQ settings. It is much noticeable on speakers than on headphones. The EQ off setting sounds louder than any other EQ setting at the unit's max output level.
Quote: Originally Posted by darkninja67 How is MediaMonkey in terms of getting the album art over to the A818? I ripped my CDs into WMP and they show art on the PC player. I just want MediaMonkey to do the same. As long as you can see the album art in the bottom left of the MM window for your songs, MediaMonkey will sync it correctly with the A818
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