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*SOLD PENDING PAYMENT*   Up for sale is a pair of Alessandro MS-1 headphones. I've had these for five or so years. I don't use them anymore, so they're on the chopping block. They still sound great. Cosmetically, they're OK. The padding on the headband is starting to peel off (see picture below), but that should be easy to fix or replace.   Price is $75, including shipping/PayPal fees. Will ship overseas at buyer's expense.
I've been really happy with my audio setup for the past 4 or so years, but some of my equipment is starting to act up, and I'm looking for replacements. I haven't kept up with the audio world in quite some time, so I'd welcome some recommendations. Here's my current setup:   Macbook Pro -> iBasso D1 amp/DAC via USB -> either Beyerdynamic DT-880, OR Sonic Impact Super-T amp -> Paradigm Atom speakers.   Both my iBasso D1 and Sonic Impact are up for either...
Quote: Originally Posted by EnnGeeOhh There's a city in California called Stanford. Well, it might be a stretch to call it a city, but Stanford has a post office with its own zip code, separate from Palo Alto.
Quote: Originally Posted by iHelp That sucks. Contact them. And with your location: it's Palo Alto, not "Stanford". I love Stanford, but don't care at all for Palo Alto, and am moving soon. Quote: Originally Posted by Duggeh Given that the company is inches from going massively and totally bankrupt and imploding under tens of millions of $ in debt because of fraud you're damn lucky to have got anything. Take the 75s and look...
My KSC-35 headphones recently stopped working, so I sent them in to Koss for repair along with a check for $6. I know the policy states Koss has the right to replace any headphones with a similar model, but I wrote a note instructing the warranty department that if they could not or would not fix the KSC-35s, simply to send them back to me unchanged rather than replace them. Unfortunately they completely disregarded the note and sent me a new pair of 75s. I'm pretty...
The 212's have a lot of muddy bass and they are horribly uncomfortable. I suggest the beyerdynamic DT770s.
I'm selling a pair of white Shure SCL4 IEMs, brand new in box. Asking for $125 shipped to the continental US. International shipping will cost more. PM me if you're interested.
I personally think the KSC-75 sounds fantastic, but I agree that a lot of people way over-exaggerate the sound quality. One thing about them that REALLY annoys me is in both pairs that I've owned, the right earclip starts to fall off really easily.
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