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""Parts left off cost nothing and cause no service problems"" -Henry Ford
Have you looked at the M-Audio Audiophile 2496? I use it for transferring vinyl to digital and I'm very pleased with the results. I don't think there are drivers for Vista though.
The specs sound pretty good.. What's the signal/noise ratio? And the dynamic range?
Hmm.. If you buy something you don't like then it's no loss? Good thing it ain't your money.
To the OP, Did you take the distortion test I pointed you to? If so, what were your results?
A bit "eccentric" eh? More like full on bat guano crazy.. Communication breakdown, Its always the same, I'm having a nervous breakdown, Drive me insane! To the OP, be careful dude. That 350Z ain't no Toyota Corolla. As the former owner of many high performance cars from a '62 Lotus Elite to a Sunbeam Tiger (Maxwell Smart's car) to more recently a Q45 I can tell you that horsepower will get you in trouble plenty. My son in law has the Infiniti G35 with the six speed...
My take on things is somewhat different than many here. Do you think someone's first car should be a 350Z? Do you think that a new driver could properly appreciate such a car? Developing an "ear" as an audiophile is not an instantaneous process, it takes time and practice to hear the differences between good sound and great sound. I assume that you have some sort of sound system now, even if just a pair of cheap speakers connected to your computer. The first thing you...
Make absolutely sure that your power supply has sufficient amperage to run your mobo. I've smoked a mobo before from not having enough amperage capacity in the power supply. If you're going to run Vista, get plenty of ram, Vista is a memory hog and also wants a fairly power processor to run at a decent speed. Personally I wouldn't run Vista unless I had any other choice. There is enough spyware running around the intertubes without having your OS spy on you as well. ""I...
Probably not a whole lot smaller. Six channels of heavy duty amplification take up some room, if only for the heatsinks.
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