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You don't rate Beyerdynamic T5p at all?   I have read a little about the Fostex TH600 - opinions on leakage are very mixed. 
I have PSB M4U1 - they are very good! But I'd like better, I have tried one better option already. It must be closed (office use). I prefer neutral/accurate to bass-heavy. If an amp is required, can do. Budget is $1000+ - so what do you think is the best available for a wide range of music?
Now my all-time favourite portables are the Etymotic 4Ps, which I will wear with comfort through a 14-hour flight and the only downside is that I sometimes miss out on ordering a drink because I can't hear the flight attendant. But I don't like to take them out of the pouch, get them set in my ears and pack them up again just for a 20-minute train ride.    So I bought some Audiotechnica ATH-WM55 phones which are pretty good for the money and I think my son is going...
So from the (lack of) responses I was thinking that personal CD players are dead, everyone is digital.   But check out this eBay auction:   http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180538006532&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_500wt_1154   That's a lot of money. Maybe the seller is a head-fier?   My D-303 seems to be working perfectly. The optical output is fine, line out sounds great. When powered from a plugpack the backlight and optical become...
Played a CD in the car on the way home through it - works great! It skipped when I hit bumps but that's probably to be expected from a player with no ESP or suspension system.   Still want the service manual... even the user manual would be nice. This is such a versatile player with its optical out and rear-placed line out that I could see the remote control being useful, and if I knew the compatible Sony type I could begin the search. Anyone?
Well I found one thread from 2006 where someone was kind enough to post the D-303 service manual on rapidshare - but the link is dead, as you would expect so many years later. I have found the D-88 and D-515 manuals via google but D-303 is nowhere to be found.    I'm excited about this - just found a D-303 cheap in a semi-retired pawn shop, and I want to be able to realign it correctly.
bump... someone must have a broken discman and want money.
Hi guys, I have a broken Sony D-88 Discman. Luckily I found the service manual (second page with Google, whodathought?) but I need parts.   If you have a D-88 that is broken or any other 80s Discman, working or not, I might want it. I'm not out to buy a $300 D-555 or D-777 here - just want to get my nice old D-88 working again.    And if anyone knows a place that would sell parts - like a KSS-167A optical assembly - I'd really like to know that too.   Please...
Of course it would be fans of The Cure, but they seem to be mostly grown up now and ashamed to look at the old photographs.
I've just got my MMX 2s - I agree completely with jmb. I've had Plantronics DSP 400 (sound OK, but folding was annoying), Plantronics Audio 310 (good for Skype but mono, not for music) and Plantronics Audio 650 (huge disappointment. Muddy sound, crap microphone, complaints from everyone I talked to). The MMX 2s are good for music - not $500 level, but very good - and they have the clearest microphone of any headset I have used. They are light. Earpieces could be a...
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