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I have a Xduoo X2 boxed as new for sale purchased 3 days ago. Price includes shipping worldwide.
Final price drop, £20 inc shipping worldwide.
Long time out of the forum but im back with a pair of Sony Xba-2 In-ear Earphones for sale.Comes with various sony ear tips and a carry case. Perfect working order have traded on headfi for many years. Adjusted price which includes shipping worldwide.
Price drop, £20 for these is a steal.
Another price-drop.  
Bump and price drop.  
I have a pair of Sony XBA2 Earphones for sale.   They are boxed as new having only been used for less than a couple of hours.   Looking to sell these in person cash only.
Contact Shure directly and ask them.
These have to be the smallest earphones i've ever used, they sound good and are dirt cheap.  
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