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hi guys, I ordered the T400 size foam earbuds from dealextreme. They fit perfectly and work very similarly to the very expensive comply tips. Just FYI.
Bought one from Geekbuying and shipped to California. Took 3 weeks to get here. Looks authentic!
Project page: Audiophile details page [PDF]:   Quite an interesting project - can someone, more experienced in audio engineering, comment whether this is snake oil or has real potential?    
it seems to me as 1ES8 + 1 Hippe 10eb. Is it really 2X ES8 ?
hi guys,             I am trying to make an upgrade cable for my ultimate ears. Everything else is pretty straightforward, but I am a bit stuck on the 2-pin connectors for the cable.   I have already searched the forums for information about this - I know about a guy in HK whom you need to wire 8$ or so for a pair of connectors, etc. I also read up on people recycling VGA pins for this.   Can anybody help out with their experiences in making a 2-pin connector ?...
make your own - seriously !   using these from here or anywhere else. Make sure they are the memory foam variety earplugs.   At $1.5 its a cheap way to experiment with size and fit, until you get them right...
hi guys, I bought the triplefi 10 vi - and have been using them nonstop for the last month or so. I have been reading that they have midbass bloat or so of around -6db. I use linux and LADSPA equalizer plugins or a Sansa+Rockbox , but I would appreciate any idea of equalizer settings according to frequency . thanks!
there are other forums in India (E and TE) which you can use to find trusted ebay sellers. If I'm not wrong, these forums have resellers themselves. As in the case of head-fi, the important thing is reputation and I think those forums have more information about India specific sellers. I have PMed you about these forums - not sure how acceptable it is for Head-fi to talk about other sites
@inyoeye - true, but this is the problem: Quote: Tightness of the wrapping determines how well it holds together Keep headphone wires from getting tangled - Music - Lifehacker
Quote: Originally Posted by chengbin Sorry for the stupid question, but what is kinking? Kink Test - DiracDelta Science & Engineering Encyclopedia
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