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The LCD-2 Rev. 1 is still a wonderful headphone:)   Thanks!! I haven't seen others quote me verbatim, but thanks for noticing if they have:)  I like the TH-900 a lot.  I didn't view my ranking as a poor one, though I can understand based on the pricepoint, it can be viewed as such.   Thanks!! Yes, maybe I should reform my value rating.  I will consider this!:) That's an interesting point to take away.  I will be reforming some of the review on the HE-6, now owning the...
Hopefully i will get to everyones questions in the past few days:)...     I probably won't be adding this to the evaluation, but i would consider it. At this point I would probably need to sell off gear to fit new gear.  I am out space and close to out of $ :) The Momentums and HE400 are such different headphones.  The Momentums are a travel partner and sound great (IMO) for casual smart phone listening.  When I was sent a demo pair from Sennheiser I was really impressed...
It's very good for classical I think the HD800 are in a different league, but the DT660 is a great choice for closed!
Hi Steve,     I used the UM2, but not the Westone 2 so I can't give a definitive answer on how they compare.  I thought the Westone 3 was detailed and a fuller midrange, but its beeen years since I've done a comparison so I can't be sure on every aspect of sound.   I wish I could be of more help on this!:)
:) I will let you know.  I'm presently backlogged. But maybe it will be faster now that my hands and ears are more manageable.   Thank you:) I'm starting to feel a lot better in the hands....ergonomic keyboards galore :)
LOL it was getting better, and then i tried an electronic hand massager and it made it MUCH worse.   You're welcome! :) thanks as well
There's been a lot of discussion about the Maddogs but to this day I haven't heard them.  I do know that they leave quite an impression on many, so I can only say they must have their merits:)  The Paradox equal-as-much.
I don't think you should worry much about that these days, they've reformed the design in an attempt to alleviate the cause of cracking, but even if it does, the manufacturer is good to replace them models that crack:)
I've been here, I just have been resting my hands from typing:) I haven't heard that system, but if I get the chance at the next meet which it appears, I'd be happy to post some impressions.
True, in the very late 80s and early 90s there was an aura in the comparatively small but budding headphone enthusiast market.  Models like the MDR-R10, K1000, SR-Omega, HP1000 and Orpheus were all built as demonstration products to showcase what each manufacturer was capable of doing.  Although the almighty dollar always plays a role, I believe the industry was different then because there was such a small audience.  Despite the enormous (car-equivalent) pricetags of...
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