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Will do! Thanks:)
its a nice set.  I think he takes the repeats too.
Maybe:) But I was planning to take a year hiatus very soon, but it's a very nice offer and I may take you up on it at some point if you're still willing:)   Thanks:) How'd you get into my house to take that photo!! I've thought about it, but probably not (at least for a while) Hmm, it definitely looks like an Edition 10.  I probably won't be including this, but hopefully it will be received with more enthusiasm than the 10.  In my mind, I've already convinced myself that...
Sure, I will comment on that in a bit.  I also am including a different aftermarket cable as well for experimentation purposes:)
That's great! I hope you enjoy them. I haven't heard them, but I think having a pair of orthos will be a nice complement.
I happen to really like the look of the bamboo! If you liked the sound, try the bamboo:)  I do agree with you that they are heavy and uncomfortable at times. If you gently bend the bow the of the headband it does loosen, but ultimately still not so comfortable.   Thanks Peter!!
Thanks:) Best wishes to you too
I'll also comment here that I recently acquired an EF6 and I will be using to re-evaluate the HE-6 and other Orthos, but it will take time :)
my answer to all three of your points is that I use a 3-point system which is essentially GOOD / BAD / GOOD BUT IN NEED OF IMPROVEMENT.   In the sense that there is only 3 fields for attributes to be discussed, I have to make the call as to which heading each critique should fall under.  Sometimes these same attributes can overlap with other headphones which seem to get a better/worse critiques.  It is important to consider that there are many increments between WHOLLY...
UPDATE:   The LCD-2 Rev. 2 has now been added to the review.  All charts have been readjusted to reflect the change.  And I have revised the LCD-2 Rev. 1 review slightly to reflect the fact that both versions are now included.   In addition, I have readjusted the ranking and added a slight revision to the review of the Qualia 010 because I have since acquired the smaller headband.  It's not a tremendous difference, but it did move up in the rank slightly.
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