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Hey everyone!! Took a break from head-fi for a few days as I had gotten quite sick in addition to the tinnitus (totally unrelated though) Anyway... I thought I would share some of my journey thus far in addressing the tinnitus as it may help some.  I visited an ENT/audiologist early in the week and they were really unhelpful.  They did an audiogram up to 8Khz which showed that my hearing was excellent.  I was informed that if my tinnitus had resulted from a loud blast...
Thanks for the support guys! It's been maddening as it seems to have been accompanied by hyperacusis (sensitivity to sound) especially in my left ear.  But I have some slight reassurance because my audiogram was basically perfect.  I'm just going to wait it out.  But not getting to listen to music really at all, has been maddening all its own...and with no definitive conclusion, I of course am worried. But we'll see how it goes.... In the meantime, the only way I feel...
Right now I have been dealing with an event out of left field, which has caused me to take a break from headphone listening for a time.   A few weeks ago, I attended a memorial day festival and it just so happens that there was a person there who brought fireworks.  Typically I have worn earplugs in places where I fear my hearing could be compromised, but on this day there was no loud music so I did not use them.  Well.....on this day, I happened to get a nasty blast...
I would certainly be interested to hear them. Hopefully later in the year, I will hear them at a meet:)
You are welcome! haha
hahaha! I can just imagine "One man touring the Orpheus in a pickup truck..."
haha, u mean as a musician?
Thanks! It never gets tiring to hear when people appreciate the effort :)
I should have been specific and said, I use them when tracking in the studio....especially with other musicians.  They are very much a standard for that type of application, they can take a beating.  AKG 240 and AT M50s are popular for this too.
I haven't modded my HD800s but it's possible that will help you as many do like it.  Tyll did a really nice article on this   But alternatively, a warmer amp would probably be of great help too.  I haven't used the HD250.  With the closed Senns, I like the HD380, and I use the 280 all the time in the studio. I thought the Momentums sound really great for what they are designed for.
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