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Thanks! It never gets tiring to hear when people appreciate the effort :)
I should have been specific and said, I use them when tracking in the studio....especially with other musicians.  They are very much a standard for that type of application, they can take a beating.  AKG 240 and AT M50s are popular for this too.
I haven't modded my HD800s but it's possible that will help you as many do like it.  Tyll did a really nice article on this   But alternatively, a warmer amp would probably be of great help too.  I haven't used the HD250.  With the closed Senns, I like the HD380, and I use the 280 all the time in the studio. I thought the Momentums sound really great for what they are designed for.
Hmm, I happen to think it is an amazing headphone it's own right. I wouldn't want to pick a ranking just yet. But I undoubtedly can say it is one of the three best sennheiser Headohones that I've heard. Whether or not it surpasses the HD800 for me, I'm unsure but the uncertainty leads me to believe it will rank in the top 10
I actually was not one of the original buyers.  I've had my pair for a few years.  When I bought it it was mint condition.. The guy who owned it had numerous pairs and I suspect he bought them early on hoping to cash in.   Regarding bringing it to meets, I probably won't unfortunately.  Some years ago, I hosted a small meet in my apartment at the time and someone dropped my bass heavy R10 and I managed to catch it just before it hit the ground.  It was something like out...
Will do! Thanks:)
its a nice set.  I think he takes the repeats too.
Maybe:) But I was planning to take a year hiatus very soon, but it's a very nice offer and I may take you up on it at some point if you're still willing:)   Thanks:) How'd you get into my house to take that photo!! I've thought about it, but probably not (at least for a while) Hmm, it definitely looks like an Edition 10.  I probably won't be including this, but hopefully it will be received with more enthusiasm than the 10.  In my mind, I've already convinced myself that...
Sure, I will comment on that in a bit.  I also am including a different aftermarket cable as well for experimentation purposes:)
That's great! I hope you enjoy them. I haven't heard them, but I think having a pair of orthos will be a nice complement.
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