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A lot of people have asked for me to include the Paradox and Mad Dog.  I have been eyeing Alpha Dog, but I don't know that I will include it as I am hopefully going to wrap up this thread (and my wallet) shortly.   What I was thinking of doing is creating an offshoot thread which will be a counterpart to this one, where I will right brief impressions on headphones that I audition at meets and such.
I don't believe that I have heard the K550 so I can't comment on this, but I think based on what I've read that they are in a similar class though different sounding.
I may opt for the DT660 going portably because of the isolation! :)
The LCD-2 Rev. 1 is still a wonderful headphone:)   Thanks!! I haven't seen others quote me verbatim, but thanks for noticing if they have:)  I like the TH-900 a lot.  I didn't view my ranking as a poor one, though I can understand based on the pricepoint, it can be viewed as such.   Thanks!! Yes, maybe I should reform my value rating.  I will consider this!:) That's an interesting point to take away.  I will be reforming some of the review on the HE-6, now owning the...
Hopefully i will get to everyones questions in the past few days:)...     I probably won't be adding this to the evaluation, but i would consider it. At this point I would probably need to sell off gear to fit new gear.  I am out space and close to out of $ :) The Momentums and HE400 are such different headphones.  The Momentums are a travel partner and sound great (IMO) for casual smart phone listening.  When I was sent a demo pair from Sennheiser I was really impressed...
It's very good for classical I think the HD800 are in a different league, but the DT660 is a great choice for closed!
Hi Steve,     I used the UM2, but not the Westone 2 so I can't give a definitive answer on how they compare.  I thought the Westone 3 was detailed and a fuller midrange, but its beeen years since I've done a comparison so I can't be sure on every aspect of sound.   I wish I could be of more help on this!:)
:) I will let you know.  I'm presently backlogged. But maybe it will be faster now that my hands and ears are more manageable.   Thank you:) I'm starting to feel a lot better in the hands....ergonomic keyboards galore :)
LOL it was getting better, and then i tried an electronic hand massager and it made it MUCH worse.   You're welcome! :) thanks as well
There's been a lot of discussion about the Maddogs but to this day I haven't heard them.  I do know that they leave quite an impression on many, so I can only say they must have their merits:)  The Paradox equal-as-much.
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