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Ha! That's funny... but in all honesty, I acquired at least half those headphones for the review :)  And thanks for the kind words!
I actually would be willing to sell the cupboard too if there are any takers.  It's a custom design.  I don't know how it could be transported though.  
PRICE DROP for the following headphones: T1 ATH-W5000 HD700 RS1 balanced
Message to all.  The response to this sale has been overwhelming.  I have so many PMs in my inbox, that I may not get to all right away.  I will be responding to them in the order which they came in to ensure that the sales remain on a "first come first serve" basis.  If for some reason you do not hear from me within 12 hours of originally messaging me, feel free to shoot me another email.  I won't mind.  I may miss a few emails as there are so many.   Thanks!
I have HE-90 to Stax 5 pin adapter that I can sell.  Although I may already have a buyer for the HE60.
Maybe! But I've gotten 4 offers for the SR-007 Mk1
thats a great question!Cause it infers that whatever 5 I pick would be my true favorites haha (but its not that simple I think) I don't think I want to part with the Orpheus/Aristaeus combo.  I prefer the bass light R10, BUT I prefer it for classical and the SR-009 and Orpheus are probably even better in that category.  Whereas the bass heavy R10 are warmer and quite different to me. Ideally, the five I would likely want to have... OrpheusSR-009R10 (bass heavy)Jade (though...
 I'm not sure.  They're both in good condition.  I think more people would probably like the one better than I deem as bassier, because people have a concern about the HD800's bass. I will be having my Manley 300b likely up for sale too, although I haven't yet made a final decision on it. If so, this pairing blows away just about any other HD800 setup I've heard.  I would love to get the HD800 into someone's hands with this amp, or if I sell the amp, I would really hope...
I base my price there on what I paid for them.  I paid $2400 which is definitely on the high side.  But my pair is in great condition.  I also have certain pads which came later. The headphones in this shape get rarer with every passing year :) I am open to offers, but I won't sell for something far below this price.
Ha! Not really.  I plan to eventually keep just 5. Only have one pair of ears :)I would like to keep the Orpheus... plan to keep it but if someone met my asking price (which is high but I think fair, considering the quality and rarity) I would part with them.
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