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Happy New Year to you too! Do you mean to say another poor soul was cursed with this face? :/
Thank you:) Thanks, yeah I'd say 90% of the gear was acquired between 2007 and 2012. This winter I've definitely been slacking on the exercise but New Years is here! :)
A wonderful way to start the holiday to come back to poetry and warm wishes! I have been romanced by head-fi  
Hey guys, I haven't had the chance to respond to everything.  I'm still here and I do have more to add which I have been working on for the longest time.  I had a run of many unexpected events in my life, some health, some passings of relatives, and some monetary, but its a very very troubling year and it's deeply effected my ability to devote time to the thread as I had planned to.     I literally haven't listened to headphones in 2 months because of what has happened....
This is a really awesome offer!
Yes, to be honest, I've finished quite a few reviews but I have been having difficulty coding the HTML file.  I have another hifiman on the way too.  I need to figure out an easier way to move things around.  The way I initially laid it out has not been so conducive to change.
Sound signature is what I meant. That's a good question. I think it may be a little light on impact.  The TH900 seem to fit the bill with rock more based on my limited listening time. Possibly, though I can't yet make that assessment without hearing them back to back in a quiet environment.  At non-quiet meets, open back headphones fare terribly for me. I can't yet define which is better between the Alpha Dog or HE-500.  It was only for a few minutes that I had the...
I was able to attend the NY meet briefly yesterday.  I didn't get to spend much time, but my impression of the Alpha Dog was that it was incredible for the price.  I would like to one day include it in the review.  It was very R10-like.
i MAY come, but I won't be able to stay too long :(  Would like to see you all though!
I would definitely like to hear the W1000X especially. I will probably listen to them at meets soon, but I don't know if I'm going to add them to the review at this time. It's certainly a great one, and a top value in my opinion. Thanks! I appreciate it:) But I really don't mind the requests, it doesn't offend, but I won't be able to go much further without selling off some gear (which probably will happen at some point soon) Probably not, but I've been eyeing the K812.  I...
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