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Most of it yes.  I may have missed one in recent times
I just wanted to post here that I'm selling my Orpheus / Aristaeus combo.  I will be leaving it open to head-fiers for about 3-4 weeks before I post it on ebay. My asking price is $22500.  It's in excellent condition, plus I have several new earpads and headbands to keep it in new condition for several years/decades.    Please PM me if interested.
Bump with significant price drop on Orpheus package.     Serious inquiries only :)  This particular Orpheus will stay in like new condition for years because I have several unused spare headbands and earpads that come with it.  The value of this was over $1000 when I purchased it. The headphone would ship with the Aristaeus.  I would consider selling just the headphone for a very high offer.     I am selling because I am about to move and the money would be helpful....
 I didn't feel the MSB signature is particular warm, but it's not clinical either.  I've never had the luxury of A/Bing 20 DACs at once.  I doubt anyone has.I chose MSB because I really loved the Platinum DAC III that I used to own.  Also, as David Chesky uses the same DAC as me (or did at the time of the review process) I felt it's reputation within headphone-land was sound.  The SR-009 at $3000 is excellent.  It doesn't sell for that new as far as I'm aware so I wouldn't...
Thanks for the comments.  One of the reasons I've left the review process is the amount of time it took really took a lot out of me. I'm glad it was well received :) I still do plan on reviewing a few custom IEMs soon, but it won't be included here.
The HD700 are a special case. With the price drops the value would go up for sure.  And if someone finds the HD600 too dark/mellow, then the HD700 is the better choice, but when it was released I didn't see it as an incremental improvement on the HD600/650.  I felt overall it was inferior although some people will certainly like it more. But then I felt the HD800 was vastly superior in every way so it was a tough sell for me, especially at the original pricepoint.I think...
I would really have loved to have included the HE-1000. It looks stunning.  Unfortunately I don't have the funds to put further into this project and I barely have the time.  I still have my core equipment although I've sold about a third of what's in this roundup.
Bump w/significant price drops off all remaining equipment except Orpheus   Stax and Manley also added.
A few years ago, I inquired to Fang if he was going to re-release the Jade in any capacity . He said he was working on an electrostatic headphone which would surpass the performance of the Jade.  If this is true, and this is the headphone he's worked on in place of the Jade, then I believe this has the potential go toe to toe with the Orpheus and SR-009.   Excited!
I'm very glad and honored that this thread continues to help others! :)
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