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A few years ago, I inquired to Fang if he was going to re-release the Jade in any capacity . He said he was working on an electrostatic headphone which would surpass the performance of the Jade.  If this is true, and this is the headphone he's worked on in place of the Jade, then I believe this has the potential go toe to toe with the Orpheus and SR-009.   Excited!
I'm very glad and honored that this thread continues to help others! :)
Hey guys,   I know I have 'fallen off the map'   I've sold about a third of my gear so I won't be continuing this thread anymore, BUT I am working on a very small addition which I would like to have up in a separate thread around holiday time when i have a little more free time.  I don't want to give any spoilers, except that in the past year my music time has been predominantly IEMs using the AK240.  I plan to be comparing my 3 favorite IEMs shortly.
Hi, Potentially, but it probably wouldn't be low enough.  I really wouldn't have a purpose to have the Aristaeus if I sold the Orpheus.
Bump with new pricing on most items that haven't yet been sold.
I've decided to hang on to the SR-Omega.  The R10 price varies depending on the bass heavy/bass light . My asking price was $3700 for the bass light which has been sold. I have been offered much higher for the bass heavy, but I have decided to hang on to them at this time.
The UERM + AK240 is my go-to for a portable classical set up.  The UERM is very neutral, the AK240 adds just a hint of warmth.  In balance mode, its pretty much untouchable in my view when it comes to classical!
Wanted to bump this and specify that I will likely be selling both my Woo Audio 5 and Manley Classic Neo 300b   Please feel free to make an offer via PM   Thanks
Hey guys, I'm trying to get to all inquiries as fast as I can.  Please give me up to 48hrs from the original inquiry for me to respond.  If for some reason you don't hear from me at that point you can send me a followup message.  The volume of messages is very high.  If you are an international buyer, sometimes it takes a long time for me to calculate accurate shipping costs.  If you have a freight forwarder in this case, it may be a savings.
Hi Modwright01, I have responded to your inquiry :)
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