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Just an FYI   I managed to get a hold of someone yesterday and they told me that they are presently experiencing technical difficulties with regard to their email servers and phone lines.
No such luck. I've tried several times each day for the past 2 weeks. Emails and calls go unanswered. Is there any other route for contact? About a month ago I was able to reach someone and they helped me. But now I can't get thru to them and I'm left with an AK240 that doesn't work.
Does anyone have a successful way of reaching this company?
it's actually not the firmware.  The first card I opened was a definite lemon.  The second card seems to be working OK Any idea when the 512 GB microdias will be out and where one can by them?
Regarding my situation, the card I bought (according to Sandisk) is a lemon.  It was not able to be reformatted.  I am trying the second microsd card now
At any point did you need to format the disc?
I'll format the card tonight and followup. Funnily, it worked at first and then stopped, so it may be a defective card. But again I didn't confirm it was FAT32 before loading it
I haven't reformatted yet, no.  I will do this tonight
It shows only a small percentage of the files I loaded onto the card.  I am going to reformat the card later and try once more. I also have a second card which I will try in order to confirm the card is not defective.  I loaded about 100 GB of music onto the card.  It shows about 6GB
Just wanted to put it out there, the 200GB micro sd has not worked on my AK240 so far.  Trying to troubleshoot in the meantime
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