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hahaha The word "musical" is really undefinable because different people hear differently and look for different things.  Also, different genres excel with different signatures, so it's so tough to say. But I suppose "musical" means, liquidy mids and forgiving highs, by standard definition.  For me, the most musical IEM these days is the ES60. It didn't make its way into this comparison, but I love it. I have an UERR coming my way soon. I find the R10 extraordinarily...
Thank you :)
Anyone? I know there must be!
Just an FYI, I'll pay a pretty handsome price for your UE10 provided its drivers are in good condition :)
hahah sorry Ralph's wife :)
I've been living with the K812 and HD800S for some time.     Unlike many I don't think the HD800S is necessarily better. I would probably rank it just below the HD800 personally.  But they're very close, much in the way the HD600 and HD650 are.    The K812 probably would not be in the top 15 for me.
My UE10 Pro have failed, and as its no longer made I need to find a way to replace them. I'd be willing to pay OR potentially trade if you wanted something I was willing to part with.   Thanks!
i hope so too! probably won't be from me though.  The value of those headphones is more expensive than every headphone I own combined. I'm sure they're great.  I wish they were limited edition to make the resale value an option for those who even consider splurging. One of the great things about headphones of that kind is unlike a car where you spend 20k, the value increases in time.  I am not sure that is going to happen here if Sennheiser continues to produce them, so...
I've had ideas about opening an Audio Salon where people pay an hourly fee to listen to good audio gear with an extensive library of CDs.  :D
I can only imagine the aftermarket value of these headphones after they have been sold out.    The year is 2030 The place ebay (or ebay equivalent)   NOS HE1060 HEV1060..... Starting price: $300,000 USD
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