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i hope so too! probably won't be from me though.  The value of those headphones is more expensive than every headphone I own combined. I'm sure they're great.  I wish they were limited edition to make the resale value an option for those who even consider splurging. One of the great things about headphones of that kind is unlike a car where you spend 20k, the value increases in time.  I am not sure that is going to happen here if Sennheiser continues to produce them, so...
I've had ideas about opening an Audio Salon where people pay an hourly fee to listen to good audio gear with an extensive library of CDs.  :D
I can only imagine the aftermarket value of these headphones after they have been sold out.    The year is 2030 The place ebay (or ebay equivalent)   NOS HE1060 HEV1060..... Starting price: $300,000 USD
Uh oh
Hey there, I apologize if I didn't respond. I actually don't have the K1000s any more.  Both sold
Regarding the HE-1000, it's definitely the headphone I wish I could squeeze in.  I haven't heard it at all.  I can't afford to continue the reviews due to present life expenses, but if Hifiman ever wanted to sell me one at a reduced cost to have it included in the review I would be open to it.  I can't vouch for where it would fall in the review.  It would be nice to see.  I wouldn't want to borrow one from a member because it can take me several months to fully evaluate.
You're welcome! Always nice to hear the kind words
Just thought I'd comment here that is under different ownership than when this thread was originally posted.  I am no longer affiliated with the company, but in response to the OP, yes they are legit company :)
The only way I could ever continue it is if manufacturers donated the headphones to me and I would only able to add about 5 per year.  I would never ask or expect this, but that's the only way I could afford to do it.  I still have more than half the collection to reference to.  If ever this became a reality, I would feel badly denouncing a headphone which was donated in good faith, but I have to stay true to my ears.    I am presently working on an IEM comparison but...
Hahaha I would sell my DAC/Universal media transport if someone made me a good offer.  I notice you're overseas. I would rather ship it to a freight forwarder in the states if that was available
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